Thursday, June 17, 2010

She is all grow'd up

I took Baby DIVA for her 18 month check up yesterday. Two shots, a few tears and lots of giggles later the Doctor gave us a a clean bill of health and informed us no more shots until she is 4! Woohoo! Baby DIVA weighed in at a fabulous 23 pounds (she is skinny), 33 inches tall and has a tiny pin head, just like her mom. She has no signs of "baby" left in her at all. I am a little saddened by this, but excited for what the future brings as well. Dr. K and I discussed the fact that Baby DIVA refuses to talk. Seriously! You ask her to say words and she will shake her head NO and then laugh at you. Yep that is my child! Dr. K advised that I just have a very opinionated child and that her words should come any day. Fire Butt issues were addressed and a plan of action is now in place. And Dr. K has let us know it is time to move Baby DIVA to her own room at night and begin saying bye bye to the Chupy (pacifier).

Exciting huh?

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