Monday, June 21, 2010

Skin Free Skincare

Have you heard about this product line Skin Free ? I had, but only from passing by the product in the store and from reading reviews about this product from other mom bloggers. The reviews had me quite intrigued so I was really stoked when Skin Free contacted me to do a product review.


I received my package of goodies from Skin Free and was so excited. I tore open the package to see what prizes awaited me. I found Soap Bars, A heel stick and whipped body lotion.


Lets start with the soap bars. I was provided with 2 soap bars. So what did I do? Well I was super sneaky and placed one bar in H4L's shower and put the other bar in my bath tub. I was going to wait until H4L had taken a few showers to ask him about this "mystery" soap I secretly placed in his shower, however after the first shower he came to me.

"What is this new soap hun? I like it a lot. It leaves absolutely no residue on my skin and has no annoying smells. And my skin feels, well Clean!"

How about them apples? H4L totally dug the new soap! So I then just knew i had to take a dip in the ol' tub and test out this goodie. I was pleasantly surprised. The soap felt fabulous on my skin. Nothing sticky, no funky smells, no residue feeling, and I felt super clean and very happy with this new soap. So much so that I will be purchasing more of it when I run out, if not sooner.

Since the soap was so fabulous I was even more excited to test out the lotion. And what a treat this was. There was a light fragrance to this lovely spa treatment like cream as a slathered my body in a melt your troubles away mini moment vacay. Seriously! Lathering on this lotion was like a vacation. It went on smooth and light and smelled divine. I had no heavy cream feeling lingering and could really feel my skin being nourished and hydrated, all the while knowing I was not polluting my body with unwanted chemicals. I was loving it. And I am still digging it!

The biggest sellers for ME, about this line of products are the following, which can be found on the company website, The list of people who can benefit from these products as well as how natural and chemical free this line is. Have a look:

Recommended for:
Extreme Dry Skin
Skin or Fragrance Allergies
Pregnant Moms
The Elderly
Renal Patients
After Radiation or Chemotherapy
Pharmacist formulated and doctor recommended patented formulas for delicate, sensitive and very dry or damaged skin.
All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
No Perfumes
No Petroleum Products
No Harmful Chemicals
No Steroids
No Colorants
No Greasy feeling
No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free
Money Back Guarantee

For me, this is important. I do not like using products that could possibly cause harm to myself or my daughter, I mean when Baby DIVA was first born I wouldn't even wear perfume because I was afraid it might rub off my clothes on to her perfect skin when I held her, yes I am loony but in a good way!! So Skin Free offers me the chance to enjoy a fabulous line of cleansing and beauty products without putting myself of my daughter at risk. The products From Skin Free have received a Toxicity Rating of "0" from the Environmental Working Group. Totally sensational. What could be better? A good "clean" soap that I can use on myself, Baby DIVA and H4L! Hot Diggity Dog! Check out Skin Free today by visiting the website and their FACEBOOK page today, tell Pink Haired Momma sent you!

I was not paid or compensated in any monetary form to do this review. I received a product to try and the remarks of of my own opinions.

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