Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not dead Herbs

My domestication process has been in full swing in the culinary department the last few months. I have learned that a whisk really makes difference when mixing as opposed to a simple spoon. I have learned how to cook raw meat and serve it so that it doesn't bleed all over those folks chowing down on it. I have learned to appreciate that salt is not the only spice to be utilized. I have also learned that there is quite a difference between fresh and dried spices. I attribute this not only to the domestication process but to the simple fact that I am no longer a smoker. My palate is open and I can taste, smell and eat like never before! This fun fact brings me to my recent breakthrough; Fresh herbs provide a variety of tastes in my food that dried herbs just can not begin to harness. I like these yummy tastes, A LOT.

So I got an Aero Garden. I know maybe I just should plant some good ol' seeds in the dirt in the backyard and help the environment and blah blah blah. Well I have tried that. I killed my herbs. The only survivor is Rosemary, and let me tell you my Rosemary is this size of a toddler. The shrub is HUGE. But everything else croaked. And I really try, but man the summer and our freaky winter this year have killed everything.

The Aero Garden is a fabulous little Kitchen gadget that grows fresh herbs right in my Kitchen, without dirt mind you! Fabulous! Oh and since little Aero Garden is right in my Kitchen, I no longer have to say "I was too lazy to walk outside" and cut my fresh herbs (ie. Rosemary). Which I have told H4L on more than one occasion.

It was a breeze to set up. The instruction manual was easy to read and follow. In less than 5 minutes I had the entire thing set up and my little seed pods under lights cooking away. Now I must wait 5-7 days to see some sprouts...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I am cheating. There are words in the post. My bad! But this is just too dang cute not to share. Here is Baby DIVA's version of blowing kisses. Just melts my heart!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weird Snacking

My kid is weird. I am totally cool with that. I think it is great, but am I setting a precedent for Baby DIVA? I have mentioned many times before that my kiddo really likes some interesting tasting food that is far beyond her little 14 month taste buds. I can see it now. She will be in preschool having a discussion with the other kids about the savory taste of her soup. Or she will be giving the other kids lessons on her exquisite taste for high dollar cheese. And you know what? I am setting her up for this behavior because I am giving in to her exotic 14 month old taste buds!
For example, Baby DIVA' favorite snack is not the usual cheese or cheerios or anything of that nature. Nope! Not my DIVA. She prefers me to provide her with a nutritious and delicious serving of these items, that is if I do not feel like whipping her up some sweet potato pancakes of waffles fresh from scratch.

What the heck are those funky looking treats you ask? Well the first is a little special crackery type snack that is known as Magic Pop . The second little snack is dried okra. Yep, you heard me right! Baby DIVA loves, and I mean LOVES dried okra! She even has a special little shimmy shake dance she does when she wants or sees this fabulous little goodie. Weird, I know.
Magic Pop is a pretty cool treat. It is made from wheat, brown rice and corn. It does not pack a huge nutritional punch, but it is very easy to serve, just pull it out of the bag and hand to babe, and it provides a crunchy treat to those screaming babes on car rides. When you bite into it it sort of dissolves rather quickly, eliminating those mommy fears of baby chokes. And momma's and daddy's find it quite tasty too!

**The Okra gods did not give me free products of Okra to express my sincere likes for the food on this blog. We simply found an odd ball treat while in the trenches of the grocery store aisles and let Baby DIVA try it. Since she loved it so much, I felt it only appropriate to share with my readers. No monetary or product compensation for Magic Pop either. I paid full price for the bag, not even a coupon was available. Again, while in the trenches of the grocery, I came across a new treat and let the official Baby DIVA taste tester go at it. And Voila a blog post was born, free of charge!***

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No leftovers Mom!

Does your kiddo have some funny little quirks? Does he or she do anything that just makes you giggle or burst out with a belly laugh? Baby DIVA does. She has so many little funnies that I am constantly walking around peeing all over myself. And I would like to share this special food time cuteness with you.

Baby DIVA has quite a developed taste for food at the ripe age of 14 months. She enjoys dining on pears with Gouda, calamari, tomato basil soup with FRESH french bread, butternut squash lasagna, you get the point. She is pretty clear on her likes and dislikes and has no problem what-so-ever tossing her dislikes to the paupers. Recently I made a delectable treat of brussel sprouts on french bread, you may recall my post about this yummy. Baby DIVA seemed to enjoy this little goodie on first attempt. On second try, this Baby DIVA was not impressed. Leftovers are not for this girl.

She has gained this very simple and subtle way of showing me, her mother, how she is not satisfied with her gourmet meal choice. Have a look...

You see it there? "Hiding" in the cup holder! Real subtle huh?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Aphrodisiac cooking

We tried another recipe from my new cookbook Intercourses. This recipe is so yummy that it deserves to be detailed right here on the Pink Haired Momma blog pages. It comes from the "Honey" section of my new cookbook. You see this fabulous aphrodisiac cookbook is broken up into various foods and spices that increase libido. The sections are: chocolate, Asparagus, chiles, coffee, basil, grapes, strawberries, honey, artichoke, black beans, oysters, rosemary, edible flowers, pine nuts, avocado, and figs. Each section then provides a multitude of recipes using the special ingredient. I am working my way through the sections, however the "honey" section grabbed my attention.

Now back to our "Honey" recipe. This delicious treat is Honey Toast baked in a honey-pecan sauce. And oh my jolly beejeezers, it is amazing! Here is what you will need to replicate this butt enlarger in your own kitchen:

Day 2 ingredients and pre soaked bread

Day 1
4 eggs beaten
3/4 cup half and half
1/2 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 thick slices of French bread (I used a whole loaf)
Day 2
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup chopped pecans

Heading into the oven

Gather up the Day 1 ingredients and get to mixing. Please make sure to do this step. Soaking the bread overnight in the Day 1 mixture really provides sticky mixture of bliss. After the mixture is well blended pour over the bread and then place covered in the fridge overnight. When you wake up the next morning, and just can not contain your excitement, run on into the kitchen and whip up the Day 2 mixture. Pull out the bread and pour Day 2 mixture over the bread. Place in a preheat ted oven of 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or so. You will know they bread is ready to serve when by looking you see puffy browned bread that is just dying to enter you mouth. Serve immediately, but please remember food served from the oven is HOT!!! Be Prepared!

The finished product: French Toast in a honey pecan sauce!!!

My latest obsession

What happens with you cross this book

with this machine

a few spools of this

some scrap fabric
and this Pink Haired Momma?

You get an over obsessed crazy woman trying to learn how to sew! This is what I have been doing. This is why I neglected the blogging part of my life this week. And I LOVE it. This is my very first sewing machine ever. I am still just a simple beginner, But I made my first accomplishment! Here it is...

I sewed a pillow cover! YAY!!

Not museum quality I assure you, but I am on my way. Learning Learning Learning. Now I know all big old bunch of you readers out there dabble in this craft, so please share your knowledge! I am fully accepting all tips and tricks and advice!!! And I will share all the fun times of being a brand new sewin gal!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Aphrodisiac in the Kitchen

I think I have made it clear that I am so loving be a Pink Haired domesticated momma chef! I have shared some of my lovely creations with you over the last year. And I think I have also made it pretty clear that I really like experimenting in the kitchen, hence the Pinto Bean cake. Well folks, I got myself a new cookbook, courtesy of the fabulous, Half Price Books. Here is the new book that is teaching me to cook it up sexy style in the kitchen...

That's right! An aphrodisiac cookbook. Let me tell you, these recipes look phenomenal. Here is the Website if you want know more. I plan on cooking a vast majority of them, and testing them out on H4L and myself. There is even an entire chapter on Pine nuts, which according to the philosophy in this writing, induce fertility. Hmmm! May leave that one alone until later this year.

We tested out one simple recipe right away. It was a super breeze to whip up, I had all the ingredients on hand and prep and bake time was a cinch. So after having a fabulously delicious healthy dinner of fish tacos, we had chocolate stuffed crescents (and I made a slight alteration by adding a honey glaze). ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Nothing leftover. Divine. Simple, elegant and invigorating to the senses....all the senses!

This recipe recipe may not have lit those bedroom fires, but it sure did enhance our dinner enjoyment! YUM YUM!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hair Pulling and the "Momma Rock"

You know what one of my favorite parts of putting Baby DIVA down for the night, I mean besides that this action results in me being able to pee in peace of course. Well, I absolutely love it when she is super dooper tired and is fighting the sleep like the plague. As soon as I twist her into the "momma hold", you know the one, and begin the "Momma Rock" those little eyes roll back in her fussy red face and she tries with incredible force to fight the exhaustion, but those rolling eyes usually win. That moment is so incredibly cute. I just love it. The fight of exhaustion, the eye roll and then the limpness that ensues after she is defeated and falls sound to sleep in my arms. All because of the momma hold and the "momma rock". If I could just freeze time...

I have noticed a bit of strangeness occurring when Baby DIVA is not utterly exhausted during bed time momma rock though. I thought I might pose it to you other moms out there and see if I have a freaky deaky daughter or if we are still right on the normal track (to an extent of course, I mean obviously Pink Hair ain't your normal momma). Baby DIVA has a tad bit of hair that is finally beginning to grow in. Still not really even long enough for bows, not that she lets them stay in more than a mili second anyhow. Baby DIVA must not EVER want to wear bows because she now has taken to pulling her hair really hard as she winds down for her nightly slumber. I am not too alarmed by this behavior, however I find it quite odd. Do you have any thoughts on this matter? Please share!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wedesday

I have been obsessed with a new project the last few days and therefore have been neglecting my fabulous Pink Haired Momma bloggin! I promise to share with you my obsession very soon! Until then please feel free to have a look at the cutest Baby DIVA in all the land, at the park for an impromptu playdate with mom and dad!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Screams Ceased!

In recent weeks, Baby DIVA has reached that sparkling age where she knows that Momma has left the room, and she ain't so happy about it. A typical playroom moment consists of Me placing Baby DIVA in her playroom. Wee spend some time playing and then it happens, I have to go to the bathroom. Off I go, stepping over the clear view baby gate, and there she goes, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". Immediate response from Baby DIVA and it does not stop until I am not only back in her eye site, but back in her playroom. And then she promptly resumes her playing and ignores me in silence. Fun times.

Seriously, what kiddo wouldn't want to play in this toy overload?

Well I accidentally came across a solution to our problem. During an intense round of peek-a-boo, utilizing the clear view baby gate and a blanket, I made the sudden discovery that when Baby DIVA can not see momma walk away through the clear view gate, she goes on about her business and plays ALONE in her playroom! HOLY TOLEDO! A MIRACLE! I can finally pee in silence.

The Clear View baby gate that has brought some many screaming issues!

So, I rummaged around in the craft room, because she is a DIVA and a simple blanket will not suffice. I came out wearing a martini apron and holding construction paper, tape, glue, scissors and a smile. Baby DIVA and I created a simple and cutesy little Flower scene in colors conducive to her playroom decor, wrote her name real big in silver sparkles and taped that bad boy over the clear view portion of the baby gate.

Completed little craftiness that ceases the screams!

Peeing in silence commenced. Baby DIVA talked to her little flowers and then toddled off to play in her playroom. I watched from around the corner holding a mirror so I could see the happy moment. It is pure bliss to be able to walk away to the bathroom for a moment without a full hysterical toddler! I just hope the flowers keep her smiling for many weeks to come!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brussel Sprouts

Here is a super quick, easy recipe that will slip some greens into the meal!

Brussel sprouts on cheddar toast! H4L and Baby DIVA loved it!

1 bag frozen brussel sprouts
1 can Hunts garlic diced tomatoes
bread: your choice
Thinly sliced cheddar cheese
Saute brussel sprouts and garlic diced tomatoes until tender.
Place a think slice of cheddar on each toast and sprinkle with a little paprika.
Bake at 350 until just melted. Remove from oven.
Spoon hot brussel sprout mixture onto just melted cheese toasts and bake another 3-5 minutes.
Serve hot!

* I saw this recipe in a magazine at some point, honestly can not recall which one. It is not the exact recipe from the magazine. I made up my own based on what I had seen in the past.

Laundry Games

Laundry soap is one of those must have necessities that can definitely eat up your budget. We all must have it. We all have our preferences to what we want out of a laundry detergent. Some of us want that lovely garden scent in our fluffy blankets. Some of us need super soft blankets. Some of us despise the aroma of anything but simply clean. We are all different in our expectations of laundry detergent except for one thing...The soap MUST CLEAN our clothing and not leave little bursting prizes of disgusting nose ticklers after the spin cycle.

H4L and I differ a bit in our tastes of laundry soap. I, of course, love to have fluffy aromatically scented clothes and blankets of grand soft texture. H4L on the other hand prefers soft and fluffy with not a hint of nose ticklers. As he states, " I hate putting my face in a towel and being so overwhelmed with smell that it feels like i have a coat of soap on my face." Okay H4L, point taken.

This dilemma, as well as trying to be frugal and a tad bit greener, led me to DIY laundry soap. I stumbled upon this fabulous website with a wealth of information that pertains to everything in my life. While delving deeper into the knowledge bank of this fabulous powerhouse of a website, I discovered a simple recipe for homemade laundry detergent. And so I gave it a try.

Here is the recipe I mixed up:
2 cups finely grated Ivory Soap
1 cup borax
1 cup washing soda

I really like the mixture. It has a simple clean smell, well the powder smells like Ivory soap, but the clothes just have a clean smell. And I only use 2 tablespoons per load. That is fabulous. Homemade laundry soap lasts FOREVER!!! It is so simple to mix up and use, anyone can do it!

I first washed a medium load of towels, just to be safe. After this load dried and felt and smelled fabulous I gave the "Beast" a try: Baby DIVA bibs. And HOT DOG! they came out fabulously clean and with no potent aroma. So then I washed ALL of our laundry with my homemade concoction. The whites came out white and the brights came of out bright. The towels and sheets are soft, fluffy and only have a simple clean smell. H4L, myself and Baby DIVA are quite pleased with this new DIY laundry soap.

Over time I may tinker a bit with the ingredients by adding in essential oils such as tea tree, lavender or the like, but overall I think we are converted! YAY for budget conscious laundry!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Tot spottin' playdate

Last week Baby DIVA had a wonderful playdate with Little Miss Diva in training while Pink Haired Momma snagged a few moments of adult conversation with Love to Shop Mom! Playdate at the Tot spot was a huge success for both girls and momma's!

Heading out to play at the Tot Spot!

Making friends with herself!

Hello! I playin' ma!

Having a fabulous Tea Party with Little Miss Diva in training

Tea Party and Chupy's

And this was Baby DIVA before we left the Tot Spot parking lot!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Changes on the hairfront

I got my hair did!!

Here I am before the did...

T0tal PINK Everywhere!


Here I am after...

A touch of Punky Pink!!

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