Monday, January 11, 2010


Pink Haired Momma is back in full swing wearing my homemaker apron and busting out some fabulous sweets to enlarge my families bootie! Take a look at my newest creation. Don't know if you remember, H4L was the greatest and got me the fabulous jumbo cupcake pan I have been lusting after but refused to buy myself for Christmas. I finally snagged a few moments of alone time, well really Baby DIVA was snugly tucked into her high chair, "directing", so semi-alone time to bake I suppose. My little Baby DIVA director opted for a strawberry top and vanilla bottom to our enormous cupcake. We gathered the ingredients and went to bakin'!

We mixed up some cake batter and poured into the pan and then shoved that bad boy in the oven.

45 minutes later we had this...

Baby DIVA required a brief slumber after we baked. She was exhausted from all her "directing". When she awoke, I presented her with this...

She was quite pleased with my decorating choices!

When H4L arrived home from work we presented him with this lovely treat!
I LOVE my jumbo cupcake pan. I can not wait to explore more options and possibilities with this cool little cooking tool. I am thinking a pinto bean cupcake with some homemade cinnamon ice cream may be next up on the list.


  1. Is that the same cupcake pan from the comercials on tv? or is it a different one? the one you have looks like it is a metal baking pan and the one on tv looks to be silicone? Where did H4L get it?? I WANT ONE!

  2. I love it!

    I thought you were kidding about the pinto bean cake. Really? It's good?

  3. Unknown Mami! The pinto bean cake is divine! H4L requests it often. Kinda like a spice cake.

    Lovetoshopmom I have no idea where H4L picked it up, but i hve seen it at walmart for about $30. He got me the metal wilton pan. I have seen the silicone on tv and thought it was quite cool!

  4. That is sooo cool! And it looks sooo yummy!


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