Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hair Pulling and the "Momma Rock"

You know what one of my favorite parts of putting Baby DIVA down for the night, I mean besides that this action results in me being able to pee in peace of course. Well, I absolutely love it when she is super dooper tired and is fighting the sleep like the plague. As soon as I twist her into the "momma hold", you know the one, and begin the "Momma Rock" those little eyes roll back in her fussy red face and she tries with incredible force to fight the exhaustion, but those rolling eyes usually win. That moment is so incredibly cute. I just love it. The fight of exhaustion, the eye roll and then the limpness that ensues after she is defeated and falls sound to sleep in my arms. All because of the momma hold and the "momma rock". If I could just freeze time...

I have noticed a bit of strangeness occurring when Baby DIVA is not utterly exhausted during bed time momma rock though. I thought I might pose it to you other moms out there and see if I have a freaky deaky daughter or if we are still right on the normal track (to an extent of course, I mean obviously Pink Hair ain't your normal momma). Baby DIVA has a tad bit of hair that is finally beginning to grow in. Still not really even long enough for bows, not that she lets them stay in more than a mili second anyhow. Baby DIVA must not EVER want to wear bows because she now has taken to pulling her hair really hard as she winds down for her nightly slumber. I am not too alarmed by this behavior, however I find it quite odd. Do you have any thoughts on this matter? Please share!!!!


  1. LOL - my sister and I both twisted our hair to fall asleep as we sucked our thumbs. Weird, I know. I eventually quit, but when my sister was say 2 or 3 (maybe it was 4 or 5) she would get it so twisted around her finger she'd have to pull the whole clump out of her head, she was a funny looking thing for awhile with clumps of hair missing from twirling her hair. I say it's normal, like how some babies rub their blankets to fall asleep, just don't let it get out of hand so she becomes a funny looking baldy!

  2. Well I can't really comment from personal experience as my two boys didn't do that and if they were tired they would literally drop wherever they were lol they do this now and they are 2 and 3 years old!
    But I do know my best friend at school used to do the same thing as what your going through so I to say its normal!

  3. Brinley used to pull her hair too, she doesn't anymore thankful. I think it's normal, I have a quite a few friends whose children did the same thing.

  4. Sounds normal to me. I pretty sure one or two of mine did that. You brought back some wonderful memories of rocking my kidlets to sleep while they fought it - those little exhausted eyes and those very heavy eyelids. So adorable.

  5. My daughter doesn't pull her hair, but she's had a lot of it since she was born. It sounds like normal behavior to me. I'm sure she will eventually stop.

  6. I STILL twist my hair, it is just a comfort thing. Or, it may keep her awake so that is what she does to fight sleep. Normal normal


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