Friday, January 22, 2010

Aphrodisiac in the Kitchen

I think I have made it clear that I am so loving be a Pink Haired domesticated momma chef! I have shared some of my lovely creations with you over the last year. And I think I have also made it pretty clear that I really like experimenting in the kitchen, hence the Pinto Bean cake. Well folks, I got myself a new cookbook, courtesy of the fabulous, Half Price Books. Here is the new book that is teaching me to cook it up sexy style in the kitchen...

That's right! An aphrodisiac cookbook. Let me tell you, these recipes look phenomenal. Here is the Website if you want know more. I plan on cooking a vast majority of them, and testing them out on H4L and myself. There is even an entire chapter on Pine nuts, which according to the philosophy in this writing, induce fertility. Hmmm! May leave that one alone until later this year.

We tested out one simple recipe right away. It was a super breeze to whip up, I had all the ingredients on hand and prep and bake time was a cinch. So after having a fabulously delicious healthy dinner of fish tacos, we had chocolate stuffed crescents (and I made a slight alteration by adding a honey glaze). ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Nothing leftover. Divine. Simple, elegant and invigorating to the senses....all the senses!

This recipe recipe may not have lit those bedroom fires, but it sure did enhance our dinner enjoyment! YUM YUM!


  1. We got a cookbook that was based around a couple cooking a multi-course meal together- from drinks to dessert. It was so much fun. It had steps for each person from start to finish. After all that creating in the kitchen.....I must find that cookbook.

  2. Oh those sound soooo delish! I'll have to check the website out.

  3. Bad Pink Hair Mama, you cannot post pictures of something yummy, say yummy, brag that you had all the ingredients and not post the recipe. Naughty girl. -cindypirtle

  4. I love the title of that book, way too funny.

  5. Cool! Might have to get that for John's bday. He has come quite the cook.


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