Friday, January 8, 2010

Red Light

Have you ever noticed how becoming a parent changes your viewpoint on just about everything?

Take stop lights for instance. I recall a time when I used be that stupid loon that would floor it and "go for the gold", if you know what I mean. I would get all flustered and fussy and some choice words might escape my lips if a red light caught me in a long pause and ruined my cruise about the streets of town. Now these were the days of tube tops without back fat and having the sun roof open, radio blaring and letting the sun kiss my my perfectly tanned skin.

Now that I am a Pink Haired Momma with a huge SUV of a ride (that I commonly refer to as the toddler limo) and pasty white skin, I welcome red lights, for the most part, or rather at least when Baby DIVA is chilling out in the back seat. Red lights provide the perfect 90 second time frame to find that missing pacifier; To hunt down that tossed sippy cup; To spin my head around and make up an impromptu comedy routine complete with facials, hand gestures and scratchy fabulous singing to whatever happens to be on the radio (commercials included) that will invoke laughter out of my kiddo; To reach into the "goodie bag" and reveal a special entertaining new toy for the Babe! Ah!, yes red lights are now my friend. They are fabulous. They are 90 seconds of a car ride that are not full of Baby banter or screams that are inconsolable. Found pacifiers, sippys, toys and goofy momma dances provide 90 whole seconds of Baby laughter!

And I even find myself longing for an extra red light or two when I happen to be alone in the toddler limo. You see alone momma time is few and far between. I admit I find satisfaction when coming home from the grocery to have an extra 90 seconds of alone time to jam to the radio without having to turn around and provide comic relief to a screaming child. Now I just scratchy fabulous sing out loud to a comedy routine just for me! Who knew!


  1. Yeah, I get that. We take the moments of peace and serenity when we can get it. Not to mention trucks and cars with wheels roll away and need to be searched for during the drive and they can be a b*tch to search for blindly. Red lights are a blessing...

  2. kekibird! they trully are a blessing these days! I find myself sometimes slowing a little before reaching one...hoping it goes from green to red! LOL

  3. I totally know exactly what you mean! And..if the 90 seconds isn't long enough and someone blows their horn at you.. then you can always flip them the mommy bird, they obviously don't have kids! That pacifier has to be found, it's a life or death situation LOL! At least in our case it is! :)

  4. Yep, motherhood changes everything. Once your able to close the door on the bathroom again, you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven.


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