Saturday, January 2, 2010

Elves at IKEA

The "Elves" of Christmas, AKA Grandma and Pink Haired Momma, have been out and about conquering all the after Christmas sales and have delivered, on schedule, some fabulousness to Baby DIVA. As well as starting the stockpile for birthday gifts throughout the year and Christmas 2010! Yep I am that good!

First stop: IKEA. Baby DIVA scored a $1 ice cream and even shared a little with mom, while the Elves scored a pink potty chair, new curtains for the playroom, STORAGE for the playroom because we all know those "Grandma Santa's" can get a tad carried away, and super awesome new bibs that even Baby DIVA can not remove! You see the last item here, bibs, are a fabulous find. Baby DIVA became quiet skilled at the removal of bibs oh about 2 days after we introduced solids. This left us with two options: eating naked, our favorite option, or ruining an outfit, our not so favorite option. Now we have these fab plastic shirt style bibs with food drop pockets. They fasten around the neck and Baby DIVA thinks she is super stylin', chills out in her high chair and doesn't have to eat NAKED!!!! LOVE IT!!!

The AWESOME food pocket!

Shirt Style Bib for Baby DIVA: Godsend!!

Baby DIVA was calmly introduced to her cute little Pink Potty. I was thinking several months of introducing would possibly result in a potty trained child come late summerish. Well with a splash of Elf magic dust Baby DIVA took a poopie in her potty during her initial introduction!!! Hallelujah!! Coincidence? Most likely! Will I brag like hell the next few days that my 13 month old is using her potty?!? You bet your ass! I have already called all my friends and family and told them all in a matter of fact I am the best momma voice ever, that Baby DIVA is using her potty!! Now what I don't share is we haven't used it since the initial poopie. A little side note I think I will keep to myself, oh and you of course!

The Famous Baby DIVA poopie potty!! At only 13 months! My child is AMAZING!!

I have been really working on Baby DIVA's playroom/bedroom. She really has so many entertaining devices, ie too many toys, but it is all good. I have thrown a twin mattress on the floor and covered it with an adorable duvet. I am hoping to teach Baby DIVA to nap on this mattress. Then maybe a toddler bed will grown around this fabulous mattress. Until the bed evolves, I wont have to worry about a tumble from Baby DIVA since the mattress rests nicely on her level. New curtains were hung in a cutesy yet fun print over the windows. A new storage system was put in place for little Baby DIVA. Keeps the clutter in place for mom but is just the right size for Baby DIVA to pull out her toys and destroy her clean playroom, in less than 20 seconds. News Years resolution number one for Baby DIVA: Learn to put toys away when done playing. I will keep you posted on how well that goes! LOL I also found a diamond in the rough wall shelf for 2 bucks at the our favorite thrift mart. I am in the process of painting it up all fabulous for Baby DIVA's wall and will gladly entertain your eyes with my homemade shelf eye candy up on its completion!

The new IKEA curtains that are fun, cutesy and even match my current wall colors but provide for more decorating style!

IKEA storage solutions and the fun new Duvet that we hope Baby DIVA will nap on!

This storage container is awesome. It is cheap, lightweight, Easy to build ( I did it ALL by myself with no tantrum throwing), and Baby DIVA friendly. I am thinking I will be giving these to future mommies at their showers from now on!
I am hoping that the cuteness of Baby DIVA's playroom/bedroom with intrigue her little mind and she will begin to enjoy playing and sleeping in her special place. With our house going on the market later this month, we need to remove the toy obstacle course from the house, as much fun as it is to hop and jump over Lego's and Ugly dolls, I am positive potential buyers would not be impressed.

Between Elf hunts, magic dust and crafty Pink Haired Momma, our house in turning into a almost ready to go to market picturesque setting with a closet hiding the beginnings of a stockpile of reduced price awesome gifts for all our favorite folks throughout the year! Go us!
*See I am getting wise ( but still fabulously fun and PINK) with my old age, of 24 hours at 31!*

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