Sunday, January 24, 2010

No leftovers Mom!

Does your kiddo have some funny little quirks? Does he or she do anything that just makes you giggle or burst out with a belly laugh? Baby DIVA does. She has so many little funnies that I am constantly walking around peeing all over myself. And I would like to share this special food time cuteness with you.

Baby DIVA has quite a developed taste for food at the ripe age of 14 months. She enjoys dining on pears with Gouda, calamari, tomato basil soup with FRESH french bread, butternut squash lasagna, you get the point. She is pretty clear on her likes and dislikes and has no problem what-so-ever tossing her dislikes to the paupers. Recently I made a delectable treat of brussel sprouts on french bread, you may recall my post about this yummy. Baby DIVA seemed to enjoy this little goodie on first attempt. On second try, this Baby DIVA was not impressed. Leftovers are not for this girl.

She has gained this very simple and subtle way of showing me, her mother, how she is not satisfied with her gourmet meal choice. Have a look...

You see it there? "Hiding" in the cup holder! Real subtle huh?

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  1. I LOVE IT! My Little Miss Diva has learned to say, "NO WAY!" when she does not want her food! LOVES IT!


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