Sunday, January 10, 2010

The NEW Domino's

You know I really do love cooking, really I do. But sometimes I am just about as lazy as they come. Some days I really just don't feel like strapping on my Pink Haired Momma homemaker apron and firing up the old elbows and making up some homemade goodies. I am only human you know, and a full time mom; even I need a day off now and again. On these fabulous days, H4L and I often can be found ordering some yummy and delicious PIZZA (one of our favorite foods, baby DIVA too).

We recently discovered that Domino's had made some "changes" to its pizza. Basically a complete face lift; so we thought we would give the old company a try. They were offering a cute little special of 2 mediums with 2 toppings each for a sweet little price, so pepperoni and mushroom for H4L and Canadian bacon and pineapple for me were quickly in route to our house.

**To read all about this face lift click HERE.***

Honestly, we couldn't really tell you what changes have been made to the pizza. It seemed delicious to me (of course my home made pizza is tons better, but we will just keep this out of the competition for now). The sauce was nice and tomatoey and a touch of sweet. The bread was baked to a nice firm yet smoosh consistency; and the toppings were flavorful and fresh. All in all I couldn't find a reason to not order from domino's again. Thumbs up guys!!

NOW!! Here is a really cool feature that I found fantastically fun. We ordered our lovely dinner online. Yes it is true I am one of those people. I hate calling and getting some 16 year old kid on the line who only half listens to me because she is texting her boyfriend about where the next meet up is and then my pizza arrives all wrong or she "huhs" me 50 times through the conversation. Drives me bonkers. So anytime I can order online, I do. Helps keep my sanity in check.

Well, I jumped onto the website and got my order rolling. Then this little timing red bar popped up on the screen. This little timer allowed me to see the moment my order was received and by whom. Then it continued to alert me as to when my order was in prep mode, was being put into the oven, was being checked by quality, and when it was boxed up and headed out with my speedy delivery man! All while noting who was doing the work and the time, to the minute. It was really cool. Yes H4L and I may find humor and entertainment in some strange locals, but we really enjoyed this fabulous feature. It was really entertaining watching what my pizza was up.

The pizza is pretty yummy. Watching your order online is fun and entertaining. The food arrives fairly quick. So I guess I am telling you go ahead and give the "new" domino's a try!

And let me just say Domino's did not recruit me to write a review for them. They did not give me money, pizza or the like. I simply experienced something cool out there in the world and wanted to share my true experience, thoughts, and opinions with you.


  1. i've been curious to do a taste test since seeing their commercial about the changes. we must be like the ONLY town to not have on line ordering yet! i've checked pretty much monthly for about a year now--so annoying!! lol

  2. You are so funny and badass! I bet they told you to say they didn't pay you huh? LOL j/k

  3. I've been doing the online ordering for a while now and I LOVE IT!!! It's kinda fun to put the pepperonis on and then take them off :)

  4. Interesting. In any event, anything I can get made for me, like pizza, is a godsend, given my lifestyle and no time for cooking. (Not that even I would want to eat my own cooking!)

  5. Yay, I was wondering if it tasted good! (The cast of Good Morning America was trying it awhile back!) Thanks for the review!

  6. Morgan: I know I know really they paid me...thats why i got so lazy again and ordered more pizza! LOL tried the sandwhiches this time too. YUMMY!!!

    Online ordering and watching that silly red blinker thing is addicting and Kelly I love adding and subtracting toppings too! Its like a domestic videogame!!


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