Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Tot spottin' playdate

Last week Baby DIVA had a wonderful playdate with Little Miss Diva in training while Pink Haired Momma snagged a few moments of adult conversation with Love to Shop Mom! Playdate at the Tot spot was a huge success for both girls and momma's!

Heading out to play at the Tot Spot!

Making friends with herself!

Hello! I playin' ma!

Having a fabulous Tea Party with Little Miss Diva in training

Tea Party and Chupy's

And this was Baby DIVA before we left the Tot Spot parking lot!


  1. We have a Monday parkday for all the local homeschoolers that we have been going to for years. I always say parkday is just as much for mom as it is for the kids. Glad you both had a great time.

  2. Those are great!!!

    So cute when they crash in the carseat afterwards ;)

  3. I LOVE IT! I have not had a chance to uplaod those pics yet! i better get on it and post them!

  4. Just precious - looks like she wore herself out!!!

  5. I love it when they play so hard they crash on the way home.

  6. She sure did get tuckered out from all that fun.


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