Friday, January 15, 2010

The Screams Ceased!

In recent weeks, Baby DIVA has reached that sparkling age where she knows that Momma has left the room, and she ain't so happy about it. A typical playroom moment consists of Me placing Baby DIVA in her playroom. Wee spend some time playing and then it happens, I have to go to the bathroom. Off I go, stepping over the clear view baby gate, and there she goes, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". Immediate response from Baby DIVA and it does not stop until I am not only back in her eye site, but back in her playroom. And then she promptly resumes her playing and ignores me in silence. Fun times.

Seriously, what kiddo wouldn't want to play in this toy overload?

Well I accidentally came across a solution to our problem. During an intense round of peek-a-boo, utilizing the clear view baby gate and a blanket, I made the sudden discovery that when Baby DIVA can not see momma walk away through the clear view gate, she goes on about her business and plays ALONE in her playroom! HOLY TOLEDO! A MIRACLE! I can finally pee in silence.

The Clear View baby gate that has brought some many screaming issues!

So, I rummaged around in the craft room, because she is a DIVA and a simple blanket will not suffice. I came out wearing a martini apron and holding construction paper, tape, glue, scissors and a smile. Baby DIVA and I created a simple and cutesy little Flower scene in colors conducive to her playroom decor, wrote her name real big in silver sparkles and taped that bad boy over the clear view portion of the baby gate.

Completed little craftiness that ceases the screams!

Peeing in silence commenced. Baby DIVA talked to her little flowers and then toddled off to play in her playroom. I watched from around the corner holding a mirror so I could see the happy moment. It is pure bliss to be able to walk away to the bathroom for a moment without a full hysterical toddler! I just hope the flowers keep her smiling for many weeks to come!


  1. You are so smart. Peeing alone and in silence is a real milestone in parenthood!

  2. My granddaughter Nikolina does the same, but I am afraid she is too young for your cure!

  3. Please contact me, you won the Crazy Coupon Lady's Book, "Pick Another Checkout Lane Honey"!! Yipee!! Deb @ Contact@frugal living and having fun.

  4. Cute Blog! Good luck on the house hunting!


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