Monday, January 25, 2010

Weird Snacking

My kid is weird. I am totally cool with that. I think it is great, but am I setting a precedent for Baby DIVA? I have mentioned many times before that my kiddo really likes some interesting tasting food that is far beyond her little 14 month taste buds. I can see it now. She will be in preschool having a discussion with the other kids about the savory taste of her soup. Or she will be giving the other kids lessons on her exquisite taste for high dollar cheese. And you know what? I am setting her up for this behavior because I am giving in to her exotic 14 month old taste buds!
For example, Baby DIVA' favorite snack is not the usual cheese or cheerios or anything of that nature. Nope! Not my DIVA. She prefers me to provide her with a nutritious and delicious serving of these items, that is if I do not feel like whipping her up some sweet potato pancakes of waffles fresh from scratch.

What the heck are those funky looking treats you ask? Well the first is a little special crackery type snack that is known as Magic Pop . The second little snack is dried okra. Yep, you heard me right! Baby DIVA loves, and I mean LOVES dried okra! She even has a special little shimmy shake dance she does when she wants or sees this fabulous little goodie. Weird, I know.
Magic Pop is a pretty cool treat. It is made from wheat, brown rice and corn. It does not pack a huge nutritional punch, but it is very easy to serve, just pull it out of the bag and hand to babe, and it provides a crunchy treat to those screaming babes on car rides. When you bite into it it sort of dissolves rather quickly, eliminating those mommy fears of baby chokes. And momma's and daddy's find it quite tasty too!

**The Okra gods did not give me free products of Okra to express my sincere likes for the food on this blog. We simply found an odd ball treat while in the trenches of the grocery store aisles and let Baby DIVA try it. Since she loved it so much, I felt it only appropriate to share with my readers. No monetary or product compensation for Magic Pop either. I paid full price for the bag, not even a coupon was available. Again, while in the trenches of the grocery, I came across a new treat and let the official Baby DIVA taste tester go at it. And Voila a blog post was born, free of charge!***

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