Saturday, January 23, 2010

My latest obsession

What happens with you cross this book

with this machine

a few spools of this

some scrap fabric
and this Pink Haired Momma?

You get an over obsessed crazy woman trying to learn how to sew! This is what I have been doing. This is why I neglected the blogging part of my life this week. And I LOVE it. This is my very first sewing machine ever. I am still just a simple beginner, But I made my first accomplishment! Here it is...

I sewed a pillow cover! YAY!!

Not museum quality I assure you, but I am on my way. Learning Learning Learning. Now I know all big old bunch of you readers out there dabble in this craft, so please share your knowledge! I am fully accepting all tips and tricks and advice!!! And I will share all the fun times of being a brand new sewin gal!


  1. hooray! it looks great! i'm still learning too...i may check out that book! all i can say is practice, practice, practice!! lol

  2. Woo hoo! Look at you.. I have tons of material thread ok no sewing machine because I am determined this year to be very crafty..... determined..

    Digging the pillow case :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love to sewing, it helps me relax. Your pillow case looks great. I don't have any tips though, just keep practicing and eventually you'll be sewing all kinds of things.

  4. I actually really want a sewing machine, but I am afraid I will suck at it. I took a class in like middle school, and I was good then, but that was a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time ago!


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