Sunday, May 31, 2009

Craptastic Hormones

I strongly believe that all those craptastic parenting classes all us new parents took and will take that engage us in the superb fun loving exercises about how to put a diaper on a baby butt or how to bathe the baby (blah blah blah) are just a serious waste of time and energy, not to mention dough. I am a new mom. YES. However, most of the classes that we unload a craptastic amount of dough on to teach us "How to raise" our children all just bull, I have learned. We end up not doing anything the way the teacher taught us and still feeling like complete and total idiots who do not have a clue, and guess what??

MY KID IS STILL ALIVE, and doing quite well I might add.

Now the classes that should be offered and we should unload our dough on in the pre birth stage, are those classes in which we learn how to not be a psycho mommy who goes ballistic on poor psycho daddy. How to not loose your mind and scream at the kitchen sink drain and Hubbs-to-be because the dishes are in the wrong side of the sink. How to cope with the daily illusion that you are a super mom and can do it all and somehow still be the "before baby" you too. WHATEVER!!!

Yes Folks Pink Haired Momma had a craptastic mental disturbance this weekend! A full out throw down with the kitchen sink and poor Hubbs-to-be got caught in the crossfire. I tell you what! No matter how much you read, learn, ask, smell, taste, touch whatever; nothing can prepare you for how hard parenthood is. Take a screaming non sleeping teething just got my shots DIVA of a babe known to the world as Baby DIVA and couple that with the loony toons Pink Haired Momma who is exhausted from not sleeping and a little stressed out at the recent loss of job and what to you get. Hubbs-to-be crouching quietly in the corner wishing the women in his life would silently disappear!!

YEA!! for sleep deprivation and heavy hormones!!

And I thank my lucky Pink Stars My loving Hubbs-to-be loves me and my crazy wicked ways!!!

Pink Haired Momma 5 month countdown!!

5 months from now this Pink Haired Momma will be trotting down the aisle or rather up the steps of the bridge at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada in Flip Flops wearing the most beautiful BLACK wedding gown ever to marry the love of her life Hubbs-to-be. Time is a ticking! I cant believe it!

Halloween Bride-to-be The Pink Haired Momma!

Wow so much work and so little time!!
I am getting so excited now! I cant believe I am getting married in 5 short months!!!

Here is a photo collection of the approved wedding details!!
The Location: Bridge at Venetian Las Vegas!!
My AWESOME DRESS by Batty! with hidden feathers and jewels in the skirt!!!
My Totally RAD wedding Jewelry
The fabulous white tulip bouquet. Although it will have embellishments of peacock feathers to give it Pink Haired Momma flair!!

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

Last week found Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA sharing a little funky fun in a European inspired Dream Travel in an RV. We packed our virtual mansion on wheels and rolled off down the road to see the fabulously chic Eiffel Tower, American...well Texan style. We had a fun and fabulous virtual experience checking out the tower wearing nothing other than a beautiful gigantic red Cowgirl hat!
Building on this European influence of our American Dream Travel in and RV from last week, this week the Pink Haired Momma is leading her family to a totally cool European...well English inspired novelty found right here in the greatest place...TEXAS!!!! Virtually only of course...for NOW!!

Rolling Rolling Rolling...European inspired right here in Kerrville, Texas!

Recognize this awesome stone carving? Well just in case you do not, this is Stonehenge...Texas Style; known to those who have stumbled upon this wonder in the rolling hills of Texas as Stonehenge II!! The original can be found in England, however those of us who travel in an RV here in America have a little trouble seeing some of those European historical places. Something to do with RV's and oceans, you know they just don't quite mesh!!

Back to Stonehenge!! This place is a riot. A gentleman by the name of Al Sheppard was delighted one year to receive for his birthday a giant rock. Oh goodie you must be thinking. A ROCK!!!!
I know I would have smiled that sarcastic Pink Haired Momma smile and muttered some smart butt response of "Oh Thank you so much! Just what I have always wanted!", if I received a ROCK. Okay whatever!

Mr. Al Sheppard luckily, saw promise in this ROCK. Turns out the Rock was a chunk of limestone. Sheppard was inspired and began construction of a novelty he knew all passerbys would take notice of. He parlayed that one chunk of limestone into a masterpiece that draws in tourists from all over the world. He brought Stonehenge here to America and Texas nonetheless. Fabulous! Superb! Fantastic!

Great thinking man! Pure Genius!

Quite nifty to take a walk amongst the the stove carvings and construction of some many years past. Dates all the way back to The 80's ! 1989 that is. So you know it is a classic if it manifested from the 80's! Pink Haired Momma is a total fan and product of the 80's!

What a totally fabulous place to stop the RV and take a stroll!! Virtually only of course...for NOW!!

Pink Haired Momma approved!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Well my super cool work from home company laid me off yesterday!! Yep that is right Pink Haired Momma is a victim again of sour economy and is out of a job!! This is the first time in my entire career life that I have been laid off! So Sad!! I am in discussion mode with other work from home companies and sure hope to snag a role in one of these companies in the very near future. However, I have some other means of income producing in the works as well!!

Keep your fingers crossed that these income producers come through so and Pink Haired Momma will be able to keep her hair PINK!!!

In the meantime, as I told my friends in the Houston Area Mommies Group, more time now to play!!

In other news, Baby DIVA slept through the entire night last night...



Now I must admit that we, Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be, gave in and moved her crib into our room. Teehee

But Baby DIVA snoozed comfortably all night in that crib tucked over in her special corner. No wake-ups! No little night terrors! No scream outburst that resulted in her being placed to rest in the luxury of mom and dad's bed! She is a big girl and stayed in the crib!!

Totally fab!

My shoulders feel great this morning as I didn't have to squish my body into a tiny sliver of the bed and desperately try not to fall off the edge all night so that the Baby DIVA could have her personal stretch out space and rest comfortably!

Tired momma before Baby DIVA slept through night!!!

Pink Ladies style Date night

Looking for something fun to do with you other half? Or with the whole pie aka the family?

Pink Haired momma has found something amazing. Brings me back to the days of watching Grease. Seeing the Pink Ladies gossip from car to car as they hung out in a lovely place known as the Drive-in movie theater! Most people in my generation are not personally familiar with this concept. We viewed these iconic places on TV but many of us have not actually ventured into Drive-in territory. These babies were endangered for many years, nearly extinct. Now however the Drive-in is making a full come back. We are lucky enough to have one here close to Katy, Texas right over off Highway 290in Hockley!

The Show Boat!

Now we can glam ourselves up, load up the car and watch top of the line technological advanced movies from the comfort of our own vehicles! And us super cool parents that take our kids do not have to worry about being "that" family with the loud brat of a kid, because we are in our car!!

Woohoo! Too Fun!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barbaric Parents

Baby DIVA has barbaric parents! We pierced her little ears at the Doctors this week. We decided that since we are all pierced and tattooed that chances are she will do the same. We would rather pierce her ears now while we can give them proper care as opposed to her doing them with a needle. So A few screams from Baby DIVA and hours of sobbs from Pink Haired Momma, the giggle girl has cute little gold balls in her ears. Seriously she was laughing already before I could get my composure!!
I know the pics are not too good of her new accessory, but you get the idea!!
And just for fun I have added this old snapshot of me! A real oldie from back in my early college Dance Team days! Obviously not too excited about the upcoming performance I suppose!!!
But look I am wearing a mask!! Foreshadow of my wedding!!

Yummy Yummy

I have been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle over the last year or so. As a family Hubbs-to-be and myself have been trying to eat better and some day I might even start exercising. I do place emphasis on the someday...Baby DIVA will determine the time frame for this venture. So anyway back to the eating healthy. We have been incorporating more fruits and veggies into our inhalation of food consumption. And have we have focused on growing our own foods and preparing the majority of our meals at home in order to secure a healthy lifestyle. We are by no means total healthy eaters yet. We sure do try but man we love yum yum foods!!

We have also been working on cutting out refined sugar from our diet. Not an easy task I might add. We seem to have an addiction problem. Consuming multiple soda's daily are something we now speak of in a past tense. However I absolutely LOVE soda. Addiction to Sonic Route 44 cherry Dr. Pepper! Yum Yum Yum!! It is so hard for me to part with soda. But I do try. We get a single 12 pack once a week and when it is gone I am SOL. (Unless I have somewhere to go then I go and get my Sonic treat...sad when I make up outings just for another Route 44.)

Well Hubbs-to-be brought home a cool little surprise last night. Our weekly 12 pack is Pepsi this week. Not my fav at all. However this is a SPECIAL Pepsi. It is called Pepsi Throwback. A limited edition treat that is made with natural sugar. And guess what? I doesn't taste too bad at all. I kind of dig it actually. I enjoyed one last night and now again this morning!

So now I sit here sipping my Pepsi Throwback made with natural sugar and will reward myself with this delicious Hershey bar.

Good Job Hubbs-to-be and Pink Haired Momma! Natural Sugar drink begets a refined sugar treat. Smart thinking!!!

Donation based Yoga

In our sour economy many of our beloved luxuries have to be cut in order to make ends meet. One of the first things that ends to get cut from people's luxuries is their workout expenses. Gym memberships. I agree that during sour times some of these luxuries should be cut, if you can keep up with your healthy exercise regimen on your own at home. Many of us can not. Luckily, we have places like Yoga West that are helping the community with this matter.

Yoga west is providing 4 classes a week that are donation yoga classes. Although there is a suggested donation of $10 per class, you may choose to donate less or more dependent on your budget allocations. These 4 classes a week provided by Yoga West are a way of reaching out to the community and helping those who need companionship to continue to exercise their bodies by easing their mind and allowing full relaxation because the expense burden is lifted. How wonderful!!

Check them out. They not only offer these donation classes to help with the budget, they also have a full range of yoga classes including mommy and me yoga!
Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA hope to sign up soon!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Calling all Houston Area Mommies!!!

I, Pink Haired Momma, have found this wonderful group of women! The whole group shares a commonality of motherhood and residing in and around Houston, Texas. Beyond that we are a totally fabulous diverse group. We have WAHM, SAHM, Workplace moms, younger moms, older moms, pregnant moms-to-be, moms to children of all ages; You name it we have. Our interests are wide and varied and each person in the group brings her own personal flair to the table. We all come together and communicate with each other about the ins and outs of motherhood and our lives. Have you ever wanted to learn to knit?Well I bet there is a mom in our group who can teach you, and while you are learning the kids can play. Do you have a secret to share about gardening here in Houston? Many moms on our board also garden and would love the tips to make their garden better. Achievement? All the kiddos involved get better vegetables and flowers in their lives!! The group plans meets up around Houston for our children, each other and our families. This is a wonderful network of women, mothers and friends.

I love this group!! The women in this group have welcomed Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA and our goofy sense of humor with open arms. It it totally fabulous! The personalities of the individuals and the group as a whole are warm, friendly and fun! Who couldn't benefit from belonging to such a wonderful network of friends? I know Houston Area Mommies has definitely brightened my world and given me a great group of women to lend and receive support from on the journey of motherhood! Come visit today!!!


I have been slacking really bad over the last couple of days with Baby DIVA updates. We have hit some new milestones! Of course, I have been the greatest paparazzi mom with the photographic documentation of these milestones. I just have been playing and goofing off too much with Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA that I haven't put them here to entertain you. So Let us have an update party!!

First...Baby DIVA meets the pool

She dressed for the event in her finest robe and lime green suit then entered the fresh cool water with apprehension, only to discover it was like the bathtub and promptly chewed on her chew keys. 10 minutes in and she was done with the wet diaper and ready for a nice warm bath and dry clothes!

Thanks mom, But I prefer warm bubbly water that smells like Johnson's, not outdoor grass smell.

Total DIVA
Not too impressed with this whole swimming event. Next time I will scent the water with Johnson's to meet her DIVA standards

***Note to all!! We are in fact the parents of that awful child who not only pukes in the pool, but fills her diaper with the largest poop ever known to man while sitting for a mere 10 minutes in the water. Luckily we introduced her to this pool event in a private pool in the secluded location of "Our Backyard" and the CDC will not need to be notified for clean-up***

So then we celebrated Memorial Day. We tried to teach Baby DIVA the meaning of this day and how wonderful it is to have people who serve our country and provide us with the Freedom we have.

She responded by freely reaching down and untying her shoe laces. Go Freedom. We plan to try and teach her again next year!

And finally we are officially 6 months old! We went and saw her Doctor K and it has been documented she is doing great and thriving! Baby DIVA weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds 14 ounces, is 27 inches long and has a tiny little pin head, just like her Pink Haired Momma. For those following, we don't keep up to much with this next part, this translates into weight 70 percentile and height 90 percentile. Doctor K is very happy with Baby DIVA. We have placed her 6 month Report card on the Baby DIVA bulletin board here in the kitchen!! Woohoo!!

Here is Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA pre shots...

And the happy family of 3, And yes we are snapping these little goodies in out tiny doctor room. What else is there to do while waiting!!!

And that is a wrap on the last couple of days here at the Pink Haired Momma house!

Can you say FREE FUN!!

I have found some fabulously fun adventures for fellow moms and Tykes to do right here in Houston. And guess what??? These adventures are FREE!! Hello totally radalicious! Spectacular! Sour economy but Mom and Tykes can still have loads of fun.

So check this out.
Starting June 2nd, 2009 and running through the end of July, EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00am the Marq*E 23 will be showing FREE let me say that again FREE "G" and "PG" rated movies. It is first come first serve, so wake up early and feed the Tykes, load them up in car and get there early. Door open at 9am!! Get the early my friend. You know how us crazy moms can get. We be pushing each other outta the way so OUR kid can see that Monkey on the big screen for free!!

Now that movie thing sounds great, but Baby DIVA is just not quite old enough to sit still and watch a full movie just yet. I mean we are doing good if we get through a whole episode of Wow! Wow! Wubzy! All you moms out there do not have to worry about battling it out with the Pink Haired Momma at the movie door this Summer. Next Summer it is totally on!

Instead you can probably catch Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA heading out on this fun and exciting adventure that involves boats, outdoors and learning about our dear city Houston, Texas. This FREE 90 minute boat ride through the Houston Ship Channel or Port of Houston makes for a fantastic outing. Reservations must be made in advance, however it is totally free and has tons of cool scenery for babes like Baby DIVA to take in and new experiences for older Tykes and a history lesson for moms! Awesome!

Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA are looking very forward to jetting through the Port of Houston on a big boat! Woohoo!!

I have found tons of FREE adventures. However, I just need to verify them before teasing you with them. Check back soon for more FREE FUN!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was stalking around the Internet today looking for some fun and exciting cheap things to do with Baby DIVA and this great group Houston Area Mommies that I am a member of, when I happened upon this site and found this fabulous contest.


How fun is this! My goodness, I SO would have done this when I was pregnant with Baby DIVA. If you are pregnant now you should totally participate in this fabulous event. It is a win-win situation. You get very cool pics for your pregnancy album and you just might win $250. What is better than that. I mean you have that big open blank canvas staring you in the face right? Slather on some paint, get arty because you know the momma gene is kicking with those nasty hormones and you are bound to already be feeling those pangs of "I gotta be crafty and make everything" by now. And if you are like me, you really do not have a crafty bone in your body. Most of my pregnancy "I gotta get crafty" projects ended up looking like used diaper rags and now reside somewhere deep in Baby DIVA's closet. So this is the perfect opportunity to put those crazy pangs of motherhood to rest and still have some arty crafty fun!!! Woohoo!!

I might just have to paint my post preggo flabo just for grins!! In fact, if i can get 5 pregnant mama's to email me or post their painted bellies, I the Pink Haired Momma, will paint her post preggo flabo and submit it to the contest for fun!!!

You have until June 30, 2009 to get those bellies painted photographed and emailed in to For official rules click HERE

Let's see those works of art ladies!!!

Come on do it for Pink Haired Momma!!!

Or at least to see Pink Haired Momma make a fool of herself!!


And we are off...
Baby DIVA is dressed in her cutest little pink punk rock tattoo outfit and we are headed to get her pierced!
6 months shots and ears pierced.
Pink Haired Momma needs a GIANT martini to banish the pain, already, and we haven't even left the house yet!
More later and cool new pics!

Tuesday Tidbit

Are we already back at Tuesday again? Wow time sure does fly when your are having fun with Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA.

So what goodies do we have to share this week in Tuesday's Tidbit? Well this week Baby DIVA and Pink Haired Momma are going to share something useful for the garden. I have mentioned before my issue with bugs! I do not like them one bit. Gross disgusting little pests. I don't like them in my house or in my garden.

Recently, my planted surprises have begun to sprout and produce the beginnings of a harvest! Woohoo! We actually had fresh spinach leaves this weekend a top our grilled portabella mushroom burgers! Total Yum Fest! Even more yummy because we had homegrown spinach on it! Oh and yummy store bought mozzarella!! Again Woohoo!!

I took notice though that my Broccoli, poor little leaves that have made their way to the surface and out into the open air of Pink Haired momma world, have bite marks all over the leaves. I was so angered because I knew right away it was one of those pesky little critters called an INSECT!!! UGH!

Again I hate them little boogers; but I do not use chemicals in any way to get rid of these beasts. I am highly allergic first off. Secondly, I have a child and pets and thirdly I do not want to put chemicals into the ground where food will grow that my family will eat. Many other reasons apply but these are the three main reasons of my choice.

So what to do about this problem. I stalked the net for my answers (and yes if you have been keeping up with my blog over the last few days you will find a lot of stalking the net has been going on) and I also read (read is a loose term as I have a 6 month old Baby DIVA, reading time is limited to toilet sitting only) various bug and garden books.

Here is what I have come up with. This Tuesday's Tidbit is a fabulous non chemical way to rid those nasty beasts from your garden plants. I will be putting this into play very soon myself. It is...


Capsaicin found in peppers is the answer! Little boogers will be heated to the core! ( I do feel a tiny bit of guilt so I will make sure a small bowl of water is placed outside for those "smart bugs" that need a little coolin').

So you take 1/2 cup of finely chopped ground peppers and mix with 1 whole pint of water. Let sit for 24 hours. Drain into spray bottle and then go to town! Spray the soil all around the plants and watch as the pesky beasts pack up their hot little bods and move it on out or fry from the heat!

**Just a little note: Peppers are hot, use gloves when chopping and never ever put your fingers in your eyes or spray this near your face silly! However if a scary person jumps out of the bushes in your backyard and tries to attack you while you are scaring away the pesky beasts this might just be a good thing to spray in THEIR face. Chances are slim you will have to do this though.**

Monday, May 25, 2009

6 months of humor

Now that Baby DIVA is 6 months old I can honestly say my sanity has returned. As much of it that is going to come back that is!

I do believe that in order to help parents survive the unforeseen insanity that occurs during the rite of passage days of parenting, diaper companies should play a more humorous role. My thoughts here are simple. Tiny tidbits of informative information and laughable quotes, mostly laughable quotes because honestly most parents cant really process anything informative at this stage of the game, should be branded on the waist bands of diapers. Who cares about Big bird or Elmo. I know I don't. Baby DIVA was so small and uninvolved during those first few months she could care less if Big Bird or Big Bopper was stamped to her diaper.

So Diaper companies I beg you...put some humor on those waists to keep the parents from going cuckoo!!!

**I know it may be too late for me, but there are others out there to save!**

Here are a few ideas to get started...

1. When you find yourself getting excited about the newest episode of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
you know you are a parent!

2. You life is over! HA HA HA!!!
3. When you want the baby to sleep, he will not. Guaranteed any time you try this.
4. Eventually baby cries can become a soothing sound to sleep to.

5. You may find the remote in the fridge on occasion and a bottle on top of the TV. It is OK, just don't tell anyone.
6. You will have at least one mental breakdown a week because "you are not a good parent"!
7. After starting solids, if you find yourself hungry, just check behind your or your baby's ear for a needed snack.

8. There really should be a mother's driving lane that has no stops at all from your front door to whatever location you are driving to.

9. Eating a hot meal will become a new luxury for mommy and daddy!
These are just a few I can think of now.
Please share with me what you would love to see written on the diaper band!!!

Laughing at Life

Seriously, I am in constant awe at some of the crap that rolls of my customers mouths on a daily basis. My little story to jump start your week is, of course, straight from my adventures in the customer service world. This week I received a call from a very upset gentleman. As I started the call it was all I could do to get past the incredible bellows of disgust coming through the line and resting in my ear, from the angered soul on the opposite end of the line. It was very clear this was not going to go well. Finally after some soothing and Pink Haired Momma tone voice cues, I was able to soothe the gentleman to a dull roar and begin to figure out how it was I was going to be his hero.

He begins to spat about how he was so mad at all the "ads". He needed the "ads" resolved. Quickly I realized (because I am super smart and can interpret angered evil call language now with the quickness) he was referring to the "commercials" in between programs. My caller was so mad that commercial interrupted his TV show. I began to give him a lesson in the art of TV programming and how commercials help to pay the network and Blah Blah Blah.

Customer then requests that I please schedule a technician to come to his home to adjust his box so that he never has to see another commercial again.

Seriously, I am not kidding!

Keeping a straight face I brush my Pink Hair away from my face and prepare to let the customer know that this will not be a possible end to his circumstances.

Before I can open my mouth, customer breaks off into his own plan of how the networks should run commercials. He informs me that he sleeps from 11pm to 4am on a daily basis and that all commercials should run at this time and only this time because he is asleep and will not have to view them during this time. He goes on for a few minutes and explains his plan to be in more intricate detail. I listen and oooh and ahhh for a moment in order to build "rapport" with my customer.

Once the "Rapport" is established I then explain to him that the technicians I have available will not be able to assist him in the way he wants. However I have pulled up the network direct line and he can call and file his complaint/plan of improvement to them.

He was so excited and so grateful...I actually became his little hero!! Woohoo me. And I am so sorry to the poor soul who takes his call over at the network!!!

Happy Half a Year!!!


6 months ago today I was giving birth at this very moment 6:15 am to the most beautiful baby DIVA ever to grace the world...Amelia Grace!!! Hubbs-to-be was at my side, Grandma Kathy at my other side, 7 minutes of pushing and she was here.

And then the pushing began...

Wow! Baby DIVA's first pic!

I am still in AWE!

Baby DIVA and her first tummy time experience...She was so tiny!!

It has been the most wonderful 6 months in my life. Hard, wonderful, crazy, exciting, exhausting. Every emotion and feeling known to mankind I have experienced over the last 6 months! Baby DIVA has truly brought happiness and love to my life that I never knew existed!! Motherhood is the most glorious gift the human race has!

Baby DIVA and Momma (pre pink) meet for the first time!!

And now Baby DIVA at 6 months old!!

Sitting up and sporting her 6 month birthday hat from Grandma!!!
I love being The Pink Haired Momma to Baby DIVA!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be, and Baby DIVA have done the unimaginable...

We have driven all the way to Paris from Houston, Texas in our RV!!
Can you believe it?

Paris, Texas that is!

Although we are traveling virtually in our RV, this week we are focusing on a small town in our favorite state, Texas, that actually holds a great place in our heart.

Baby DIVA's, Uncle Diamond, currently resides in this chic cow town and he is polishing up his skills at school and is about to enter the career world as a full artistic educated jewelry designer!! (Side note: Uncle diamond is designing and surprising Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be with one of a kind wedding rings!! Keep a look out over the next few months for the updates and pictures of this fabulous event!)

So what is so special about this chic cow town?

In a world as vast as ours, there are so many sites to see. And yet sometimes these sites are so far away and you find yourself separated by thousands of miles of ocean, or tall mountains, and various other terrain issues. You may find yourself longing to stand before an icon in France and have the typical tourist picture snapped as you gaze lovingly at its splendor. Unfortunately the distance is too broad and your passport is expired. So instead you hop in your trusty RV, head over to Paris...Texas and grab that tourist snapshot in front of this...

Photo courtesy of Hubbs-to-be
Yes Folks, here in Paris, Texas you can find the Eiffel Tower...on Texan soil!!
And we Texans gave the Eiffel tower the most fabulous and necessary accessory...The totally rad and fabulously chic cowgirl hat!!! Throw on your boots and your designer scarf and get your picture here!!!
You must stop by here if you are in the area. It is a great place and photo op and is a nice quiet town to relax in for a bit.
Pink Haired Momma approved!

Drama Baby Drama

Well, PLEASE excuse my absence yesterday. We have had Family Drama, Baby Happenings, followed by more Drama.

The first round of Drama involved Baby DIVA's Great Great Grandmother getting herself trapped in her bathtub for many hours. Her aid neglectfully did not show up on Friday morning, because Great Great Granny didn't answer the phone (Hello trapped in bathtub that is why you should go there Miss AID!!!) and I am sure Miss AID was just thrilled to start her holiday weekend early. Well that Holiday will be long lived because YOU ARE FIRED!!! So several hours lady my mom went to visit. She stops by many times a day except when the AID is supposed to be there. Since we all assumes Miss AID was there poor Great Granny had to stay trapped in the bathtub!!!

On top of the NO AID, Great Great Granny's emergency button she wears around her neck also failed to do its job. she pushed and pushed and no one was alerted!! Very Scary weekend!!!

More Drama involved me going on a hunt for means to better provide care for Great Great Granny. It looks like we may have found the answer. A very good family friend had taken a position at a brand new facility here by my home. The facility is brand new and will open on June 1st. I will spend this week getting more information. This facility would allow granny her independence with someone still around 24 hours a day and myself and mom could stop by still throughout each day with ease, as now the drive is a minimum of 1/2 an hour! Very stressful! But hopefully things will work out!


Now on to Baby Happenings!!! Baby DIVA has explored a new food! Woohoo! AVOCADO. We were going to go with green beans this week. However we had fresh avocado, so Pink Haired Momma broke out her chef hat and got to whipping and smashing. Hubbs-to-be and Pink Haired Momma allowed Baby DIVA some fun time during the meal and this was the result...

It was so awesome!! Baby DIVA was mushing with her fingers and we even let her stick her toes in the bowl at the end of the meal. I know BAD parents!! But she had a blast!!!

We have installed a new swimming hole for the DIVA to play in for Memorial day and all summer. Of course to meet Baby DIVA's standards the term swimming hole must be used lightly. In my days a dip in the pond was sufficient. Not for Baby DIVA (or for the new mommy freak out scared over protective hidden crazed person who thinks a bug might touch the Babe in in the pond). By installing the new swimming hole I mean that Pink Haired Momma spent the better portion of the morning filling her lungs with hot air and exhaling into the DIVA's new swimming hole!! It is an excellent choice with a padded bottom to keep her rDIVA butt from actually feeling the grass under her tush!! Totally fabulous!!!

Although the DIVA is napping now, she fully expects to awaken and be escorted to her new swimming hole! Lets just hope the weather co-operates!! I mean you can not have Memorial Day weekend without a swim in the swimming hole to bring in the summer!!

We plan on playing in the swimming hole and grilling out later today in honor of Memorial Day. Both Hubbs-to-be and Pink Haired Momma have to work tomorrow, on Memorial Day, so we are celebrating today! Fresh grilled mushroom burgers with fresh spinach leaves(from my garden) and smothered with mozzarella cheese served on whole wheat bread!! Yum Yum. Let you know how it comes out!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Flaming Gallery Furniture

It is a sad day here in Houston, Texas. If you are from this area you probably are familiar with a Houstonian we all know and love MATTRESS MACK and his Gallery Furniture.

If you are not familiar with Mattress Mack you are totally missing out. He really will "save you money" on all your furniture needs and will deliver your new furniture the same day you purchase; according to his advertisement. And he keeps his word and does just that. He has built an empire here in Houston over the last 20 years. Mattress Mack plays an active role in the community and focuses alot of time on charities and he really strives to help others.

Well yesterday the unthinkable happened. Gallery Furniture ,a historical and comical location to Houstonians,went up in flames. I am so saddened to hear about this. I have grown up my whole life hearing the famous and distinct voice of Mattress Mack telling me he will "save you money"! God Bless you Mack and your store. Here is wishing you a speedy cleanup and recovery!
If you would like to follow this developing tragedy click here to view our local news.


What is TMS?

Well this is the new term I use now to describe Baby DIVA. She is totally TMSing!!

Teething May Start

Baby DIVA is just one big fuss ball right now. In true DIVA behavior, nothing is satisfying her and she is miserable. We are trying anything and everything, short of letting her chew on a cleaned up chicken bone as the elders on my maternal side suggest. So far she has endured tons of smothering and guilt ridden loving from Pink Haired Momma: cold teething rings, baby chew/teething toys, cold pea cubes, baby bottle nipples and chupy's to chew on, Tylenol, baby oragel, blankets to chew on, massaging of cheeks and gums.
Nothing helps my little DIVA. This is so awful!! As her momma I can not do anything to make her feel better!! That DANG tooth better break through soon or it is going to have me, the Pink Haired Momma, to deal with!!!!

Finally after several hours of coaxing and singing I was able to get Baby DIVA to finally fall asleep and stay least long enough for me to jump on the computer for a few minutes. Now it is very scary to hear Pink Haired Momma singing nursery rhymes to baby DIVA because I don't know all the words so I just make up my own Pink Hair style lyrics. For example that cute little song Hush Little Baby, well I totally know that the first thing is a mockingbird followed by a diamond ring, but what comes up after that??? In one version today Baby DIVA's third item in this serenade was a ball of twine. Seriously? Because umm Baby DIVA definitely needs one of those. I couldn't help it though. Not knowing any of the words coupled with pure exhaustion from Baby DIVA TMS behavior left me at a loss and I just starting spatting random thing. Ha! no different than normal I guess!

I sure am hoping that Baby DIVA can just sleep through this TMS episode. I do not like not being able to comfort her AT ALL. It brings me to tears and total guilt circulates through my soul when I can not help her. I know there is nothing more I can do, but man this is torture to watch her suffer.

I do not like this TMS and Baby DIVA cutting teeth!!!!

Friday Finds



OK obviously I am super stoked that today is the LAST day of the work week! Woohoo!


I cant help it today I just keep breaking out in song...

Well to start of this totally fabulous Friday and Memorial Day weekend, Baby DIVA and I went to our favorite little thrift store early this morning. I felt we needed a little retail therapy because Baby DIVA has been utterly miserable and fussy the last 48 hours. She is suffering from TMS (teething may start). Although we did not need anything specific, a quick glance at the shelves revealed some necessities.

2 pairs of jean shorts
2 bathing suits
2 DIVA style tulle skirts
and a pair of shoes

All for less than 4 BUCKS!!!
Man I totally ROCK!!
Pink Haired Momma strikes gold with a great deal on clothes for Baby DIVA!
There goes my sing song voice again!!

As a reward to myself, on the way home the car somehow detoured into my Favorite Sonic drive through and I took this treat home ..Yum Yum

Route 44 Cherry Coke!
So now I must go wash the new goodies and love on my TMSing Baby DIVA!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother's Update

On Mother's Day, you might recall that Dream Travel in an RV, found us traveling to Oakland, California to visit Mothers Bakery; home of the totally scrumptious pink and white frosted with sprinkles yum yum in the tum tum animal cookie. I was so devastated to learn during my research for this particular Dream Travel segment that Mothers Bakery had filed bankruptcy and closed it's doors. However, I was somewhat relieved to find out that Kellogg's had in fact purchased copyright privileges of the cookies and would soon bring these favorite cookies back to the American people.




Hubbs-to-be is the greatest man ever. He surprised me last night by bringing home this wonderful treat!! Now you may take notice that the bag looks a little deflated. No, the packaging is still the same. I just have no self-control and ripped open the bag at first site and promptly begin to stuff my face!!!! Hmmm that reminds me I must take measurements for my wedding gown today. Uh-oh!!
Yum Yum Yum Yum

DIVA butt speak

Baby Diva has abruptly decided that her divalicious bootie no longer finds disposable diapers acceptable. She has an ugly diaper rash and it seems to have grown from Diaper rash to full out allergy. I am so saddened and hurt that she has this rash, luckily her behavior does not seem to be altered much; Full screams and devious behavior antics are still intact.

I have been doing some preliminary research over the last 12 hours, soon to be discussed at great length with my friends who have no children, followed by my friends who have non diaper wearing children and of course the brilliance of my Hubbs-to-be and myself. Poor Baby DIVA butt!!

At this point I really like gDiapers and Fuzzi bunz. This venture is still in the groundwork stage of development, so I will keep you updated as I learn more and make the greatest Pink Haired Momma decision for Baby DIVA’s butt.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tasty Baby

We are 4 days into our wonderful adventures of solids, when the door bell rings unexpectedly this morning. Who might be ringing our door I, the Pink Haired Momma, utter quietly to the peacefully resting Baby DIVA? I have not showered in quite some time now, nor even bothered to brush my Pink Hair, and it may have been eons since I looked like a human. And I may be mistaken but it is quite possible I have some discarded PEAS residing behind my left ear. Anyhow, how can I possibly answer this surprise ringing at my door?

I stalk towards the door in stealth mode for a couple of reasons actually. The first reason being I do not want to wake the peaceful resting Baby DIVA. We all know that waking Baby DIVA from her beauty sleep can result in a catastrophic nightmare of epic proportions. Let the DIVA rest!! The other reason being I just know whoever is at the door must have x-ray vision and surely will be able to see my scary Pink Haired Momma self through the heavy metal door. Gently I look ever so softly through the little peep hole and see my "friend" the Fed Ex man.

Wow! It has been such a long time since I have seen him. (The sour economy has put a limit on my online shopping not to mention I am so tired from Baby DIVA's 24 hour playtime adventures, that I often can not get myself, the computer and the credit card all together in one simple location to even attempt to make a purchase)! Fast as lightning I try and recall if I have done any shopping lately...hmmm there was that wild night on Sunday when Baby DIVA slept but Pink Haired Momma did not...vaguely I recall playing online but I seem to only remember working on my wedding registry (shhh don't tell anyone yet, just trying to get a head start LOL). I wonder what this could be!! A late Mother's day gift from Hubbs-to-be??? I was totally stumped.

Now let me remind you this entire conversation happened inside my Pink Haired head while I was unlocking the lock and flinging open the door to see my "friend" the Fed Ex guy!! Excellent parenting and safety skills were definitely utilized during this encounter!

"HI"!!! I exclaimed as my friend handed me a box and the little electronic signy thingy. "Friend", was not so friendly today. He had a supervisor following him and he just handed me my box and said "Have a good day Ma'am". Well okay, I thought and took my box inside.

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops, I have a PRIZE!!! Sure glad it wasn't a bomb or something scary like that because I tore into that box like a kid on Christmas. My goodness what motherhood and a sour economy can do to a Pink Haired Momma. I guess when you get excited about making mashed up veggies and then feeding them to your child and having them spit it back at you (note mashed up peas can look even grosser and more mashed up after being in a babies mouth); the little things in life can spark total and complete awesomeness and excitement. Hence the tearing open of an unknown arriving package!!

I pulled open the box and made a quick realization...

Grandma Kathy is becoming a very active participant in spoiling Baby DIVA. What a wonderful mom I have and a totally fabulous Grandma Baby DIVA has.

She sent us a Tastybaby Starter Set!!

This is an organic line of baby food that I like. We, of course, are making our own foods here at home courtesy of Chef Pink Haired Momma and her gourmet blending techniques, however sometimes you just need something that is already made, like when visiting family and such. So we have been doing some research and have found this line called Tasty Baby that we really like; well at least we really like what we have read about and the reviews we have seen. We have talked about ordering some for Baby DIVA to try in the coming weeks and months as she develops a more mature palette!

And now Thanks to my Loving and Wonderful Mom and Super Grandma of the famous Baby DIVA, we have a cool starter set to test out and see how well we like.
It is so cool!
The set arrived boxed up super tight and packed in nice. It came with a nifty little bag and 6 different types of stage 1 and stage 2 baby foods. The names are hysterical. For example the peach is called "Life 's a Peach".
Too fun!! I totally dig it and I think it is so rad!
So these little goodies have now found a lovely little place to call home in our deep freezer until they are promoted to the indoor freezer for consumption at a later date. I am super stoked to have her try "Life's a Peach" in the not too far distant future!! Keep checking back to learn more about Baby DIVA's adventures in TastyBaby delights!!!

Yucky Sucky

Because I am the coolest Pink Haired Momma out there, I am always searching for new and cool products, toys and exciting things to do with Baby DIVA. Anything that might possibly be stimulating, fun, useful, exciting, or just plain handy always gets a totally complete fabulous investigation from this momma. Recently, I came across an interesting little something that caused me to literally gasp and lose my breath. I am all for doing ANYTHING for my Baby DIVA, especially in regards to her heath and welfare. However this may be pushing it way too far...

Suck the snot straight from Baby DIVA's nose right into my mouth. Yummy! Kind makes me think of the delicious gourmet broccoli meal I have frozen in the freezer for Baby DIVA.

I love Baby DIVA, but baby boogs in my mouth makes me want to hurl. Seriously only unexpected caught off guard funky baby stuff can enter the area of my face and mouth. I certainly don't invite these funky things to my mouth area like this contraption calls for!!!

And, YES, this is a legitimate baby product. Can you believe it? The concept is quite simple, however bizarre that may be. Stick one end of tube in your mouth. Place the other end in the baby nostril, then suck with a gentle motion and remove all the boogies from the baby's airway.

Wanna know more? You can get all the FAQ's and the easy to follow instruction guide here!

Pretty weird!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabulous Solids

As you know Baby DIVA has now been eating solids for 3 whole days. We are still on PEAS, and loving every last bite of it. However, the freezer is now packed and ready with homemade gourmet meals by the Pink Haired Momma consisting of: Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, more PEAS and soon to be Yellow Squash. The only sad thing I have to report is that so far my crop of food growing in the yard is failing miserably, ( I so want the little garden sign that reads " I tried but it died" to stick in my first attempt at organic gardening garden!!) and I have had to succumb to buying frozen veggies for the ingredients of Baby DIVA's gourmet meals!

Since this Pink Haired Momma is now an full expert, of course, in the feeding of solids ritual, I thought I would share with you some totally fabulous products we have accumulated and adore using during this wonderful event each day.

First of all the BUMBO is working out as a great place for Baby DIVA to rest her DIVA self while eating her gourmet meal of PEAS. Second, we have found that no clothing is required during the festivities of the feeding ritual, because so far the earth does not provide a fabric that is strong enough to withstand the beating of a Baby DIVA gourmet mess. Feather Boas and sparkling Tiara's must be set aside during this grand event.

We have found that we really like a line of products by Munchkin. These Soft-Tip Infant Spoons and Stay Put Suction Bowls are working out perfect for the beautiful presentation of the gourmet PEAS for Miss Baby DIVA. The bright colors ate totally fantastic and the ease of use and cleaning is superb! Baby DIVA has taking a great liking to Pink Haired Momma's choice of presentation.

We are sure looking forward to testing out the Fresh Food Feeders in the next few days and will defiantly report our findings. Stay tuned because as we learn and explore more, the Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA will share with the world all our totally fabulous findings!!
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