Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pink Hair Fails Housewife Test

I made a really sad discovery this morning...

My SUITCASE from Amelia's birth was still packed and in the closet...


She was born in November 2008!! Thanksgiving time people! It is now May 2009. Almost Memorial Day! Wow! I have serious issues!!!

So after the realization that this Pink Haired momma has failed entirely at being a clean housewife and mother, I knew it was time to conquer the beast and get organized. So, Amelia and I spent the entire morning cleaning out the closet. I embarked on this quest knowing that if I have gone the last 5 months without the goodies in my suitcase, then I know there are many things in that closet that can GO! I went through everything: the closet, the drawers, the cabinets, the full works. If it didn’t fit (and yes I tried everything on…somewhat of a scary adventure however also very enlightening to my new Hot Mom Bod!), if I hadn’t worn it in over a year (pregnancy not included), or it was just plain ugly (my taste and choices in ensembles shocks the crap outta me on occasion), then it went in the BYE BYE pile.

6 packed bags and several hours later, Amelia and I are exhausted but we have vanquished the beast and this is a view of our accomplishment...

And in case you are wondering, I did unpack the suitcase!!


  1. LOL...I do this every now and then too...sometimes you just gotta gid rid of stuff! It's awesome that Amelia helped!

  2. It feels totally fabulous to get it all clean an organized. I found a super consignment shop here close by the house. They are going to rummage through my 6 bags and purchase whatever they can sell and the rest I am going to freecycle!!!


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