Thursday, May 21, 2009

DIVA butt speak

Baby Diva has abruptly decided that her divalicious bootie no longer finds disposable diapers acceptable. She has an ugly diaper rash and it seems to have grown from Diaper rash to full out allergy. I am so saddened and hurt that she has this rash, luckily her behavior does not seem to be altered much; Full screams and devious behavior antics are still intact.

I have been doing some preliminary research over the last 12 hours, soon to be discussed at great length with my friends who have no children, followed by my friends who have non diaper wearing children and of course the brilliance of my Hubbs-to-be and myself. Poor Baby DIVA butt!!

At this point I really like gDiapers and Fuzzi bunz. This venture is still in the groundwork stage of development, so I will keep you updated as I learn more and make the greatest Pink Haired Momma decision for Baby DIVA’s butt.


  1. I say get the gDiapers! They are awesome!

  2. Ok Rikki spill it!! Give me all the 411 on gdiapers!!!

  3. I really like the gDiaper compared to other cloth diapers. We've never had any leaks and they aren't as bulky as most cloth diapers which is a big thing for me. We tried some bumpkins cloth diapers right after my daughter was born and they were so bulky it looked so weird, it even made her outfits not fit. The flushable liner is AWESOME you get the benifits of cloth but without as much washing.

  4. Thank you Rikki for the insight into the gdiapers. We are gonna make a decision this wee. Baby DIVA has her shots on tuesday :(. I am going to ask my peds what her fav cloth are too and the nwe will finalize!! Can not wait...we are leaning towards gdiapers now!!


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