Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Calling all Houston Area Mommies!!!

I, Pink Haired Momma, have found this wonderful group of women! The whole group shares a commonality of motherhood and residing in and around Houston, Texas. Beyond that we are a totally fabulous diverse group. We have WAHM, SAHM, Workplace moms, younger moms, older moms, pregnant moms-to-be, moms to children of all ages; You name it we have. Our interests are wide and varied and each person in the group brings her own personal flair to the table. We all come together and communicate with each other about the ins and outs of motherhood and our lives. Have you ever wanted to learn to knit?Well I bet there is a mom in our group who can teach you, and while you are learning the kids can play. Do you have a secret to share about gardening here in Houston? Many moms on our board also garden and would love the tips to make their garden better. Achievement? All the kiddos involved get better vegetables and flowers in their lives!! The group plans meets up around Houston for our children, each other and our families. This is a wonderful network of women, mothers and friends.

I love this group!! The women in this group have welcomed Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA and our goofy sense of humor with open arms. It it totally fabulous! The personalities of the individuals and the group as a whole are warm, friendly and fun! Who couldn't benefit from belonging to such a wonderful network of friends? I know Houston Area Mommies has definitely brightened my world and given me a great group of women to lend and receive support from on the journey of motherhood! Come visit today!!!


  1. Mandie!!
    We need ot find you a group like this where you are. I know lots of cities have them!! The group is great. Just like our message board but all the ladies are close by!!


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