Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barbaric Parents

Baby DIVA has barbaric parents! We pierced her little ears at the Doctors this week. We decided that since we are all pierced and tattooed that chances are she will do the same. We would rather pierce her ears now while we can give them proper care as opposed to her doing them with a needle. So A few screams from Baby DIVA and hours of sobbs from Pink Haired Momma, the giggle girl has cute little gold balls in her ears. Seriously she was laughing already before I could get my composure!!
I know the pics are not too good of her new accessory, but you get the idea!!
And just for fun I have added this old snapshot of me! A real oldie from back in my early college Dance Team days! Obviously not too excited about the upcoming performance I suppose!!!
But look I am wearing a mask!! Foreshadow of my wedding!!


  1. Oh she's SO cute with her little pierced ears!

  2. Thank you Thank you!! I was skeptical at first but now I am glad we did it. She did great!!

  3. I'm a barbaric parent too! We got Brinley's ears pierced when she was 8 weeks old. I think its best to do it while they are young.

  4. My mom is calling us barbaric parents!! Rikki Did you cry when Brinley had hers done?


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