Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bye Bye Junk!!

After awaking to the horrid sound of the alarm clock thrashing around my head this morning at 5am, we arose and set up for our SURPRISE garage sale. We did not have a huge outcome, but we did get rid off some items we do not need anymore. Fabulous more space available for new stuff!! All of our leftovers will be donated and/or freecycled. Woohoo!!

I was able to handle being outside until about 10am. Upon reaching that hour the sun crept up over the top of my shade tree and blared down on my skin. That didn't make me too excited. So, I closed up shop and headed inside. I then watched out the window while Baby DIVA napped, as Hubbs-to-be mowed the yard!!
Lovely Saturday morning!

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