Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Little Toddler that Can't

As a society we often wonder why it is that our children these days are so lazy. Why is that the kids in this generation refuse to do things for themselves and expect the world to lay down for them? I think I have found the answer. I have come across this interesting little device that in my opinion is a perfect example of why children are learning the art of laziness from a very early age.

Here at the ripe age of toddler hood, your parents dear toddler, do not expect you to use your hands to feed yourself. They do not expect you, the Toddler, to be bothered with using your arms and hands to give yourself food or drink. Instead they have devised an item that eliminates this skill so that you may just sit back and relax. No worries honey, I will not be sad when you expect me to still spoon feed you as an adult.

This poor cute child in the picture will forever be known to me as "The Little Toddler that Can't".

Umm seriously, Amazon?

The only benefit I can really see from something like this is that the parents no longer have to hold the bottle for the child. Why on earth would you not want your child to learn to do for himself? Geez, I seriously ponder the possibilities that any child brought up in a household that finds this device acceptable will ever be able to accomplish anything for himself, or if he will grow from "the Little Toddler who Can't" into the "Big adult who cant and won't"!

Thoughts? Anyone out there used the Pacifeeder? What age was your child? Was it beneficial or not, and if so how?


  1. Oh yes, the podee bottle (or at least a podee bottle knock-off). How LAME!!!

  2. This just blows my mind! Come on!!!


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