Monday, May 25, 2009

6 months of humor

Now that Baby DIVA is 6 months old I can honestly say my sanity has returned. As much of it that is going to come back that is!

I do believe that in order to help parents survive the unforeseen insanity that occurs during the rite of passage days of parenting, diaper companies should play a more humorous role. My thoughts here are simple. Tiny tidbits of informative information and laughable quotes, mostly laughable quotes because honestly most parents cant really process anything informative at this stage of the game, should be branded on the waist bands of diapers. Who cares about Big bird or Elmo. I know I don't. Baby DIVA was so small and uninvolved during those first few months she could care less if Big Bird or Big Bopper was stamped to her diaper.

So Diaper companies I beg you...put some humor on those waists to keep the parents from going cuckoo!!!

**I know it may be too late for me, but there are others out there to save!**

Here are a few ideas to get started...

1. When you find yourself getting excited about the newest episode of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
you know you are a parent!

2. You life is over! HA HA HA!!!
3. When you want the baby to sleep, he will not. Guaranteed any time you try this.
4. Eventually baby cries can become a soothing sound to sleep to.

5. You may find the remote in the fridge on occasion and a bottle on top of the TV. It is OK, just don't tell anyone.
6. You will have at least one mental breakdown a week because "you are not a good parent"!
7. After starting solids, if you find yourself hungry, just check behind your or your baby's ear for a needed snack.

8. There really should be a mother's driving lane that has no stops at all from your front door to whatever location you are driving to.

9. Eating a hot meal will become a new luxury for mommy and daddy!
These are just a few I can think of now.
Please share with me what you would love to see written on the diaper band!!!


  1. Excellent idea... like those jokes they used to print on popsicle sticks... or the puzzles under beer bottle caps. Fun!

  2. Oh I love the popsicle stick jokes! And the bazooka gum comics!!
    See the conept is totally there! We just gotta get the funnies on the diapers!!


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