Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

Are we already back at Tuesday again? Wow time sure does fly when your are having fun with Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA.

So what goodies do we have to share this week in Tuesday's Tidbit? Well this week Baby DIVA and Pink Haired Momma are going to share something useful for the garden. I have mentioned before my issue with bugs! I do not like them one bit. Gross disgusting little pests. I don't like them in my house or in my garden.

Recently, my planted surprises have begun to sprout and produce the beginnings of a harvest! Woohoo! We actually had fresh spinach leaves this weekend a top our grilled portabella mushroom burgers! Total Yum Fest! Even more yummy because we had homegrown spinach on it! Oh and yummy store bought mozzarella!! Again Woohoo!!

I took notice though that my Broccoli, poor little leaves that have made their way to the surface and out into the open air of Pink Haired momma world, have bite marks all over the leaves. I was so angered because I knew right away it was one of those pesky little critters called an INSECT!!! UGH!

Again I hate them little boogers; but I do not use chemicals in any way to get rid of these beasts. I am highly allergic first off. Secondly, I have a child and pets and thirdly I do not want to put chemicals into the ground where food will grow that my family will eat. Many other reasons apply but these are the three main reasons of my choice.

So what to do about this problem. I stalked the net for my answers (and yes if you have been keeping up with my blog over the last few days you will find a lot of stalking the net has been going on) and I also read (read is a loose term as I have a 6 month old Baby DIVA, reading time is limited to toilet sitting only) various bug and garden books.

Here is what I have come up with. This Tuesday's Tidbit is a fabulous non chemical way to rid those nasty beasts from your garden plants. I will be putting this into play very soon myself. It is...


Capsaicin found in peppers is the answer! Little boogers will be heated to the core! ( I do feel a tiny bit of guilt so I will make sure a small bowl of water is placed outside for those "smart bugs" that need a little coolin').

So you take 1/2 cup of finely chopped ground peppers and mix with 1 whole pint of water. Let sit for 24 hours. Drain into spray bottle and then go to town! Spray the soil all around the plants and watch as the pesky beasts pack up their hot little bods and move it on out or fry from the heat!

**Just a little note: Peppers are hot, use gloves when chopping and never ever put your fingers in your eyes or spray this near your face silly! However if a scary person jumps out of the bushes in your backyard and tries to attack you while you are scaring away the pesky beasts this might just be a good thing to spray in THEIR face. Chances are slim you will have to do this though.**

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