Friday, May 22, 2009


What is TMS?

Well this is the new term I use now to describe Baby DIVA. She is totally TMSing!!

Teething May Start

Baby DIVA is just one big fuss ball right now. In true DIVA behavior, nothing is satisfying her and she is miserable. We are trying anything and everything, short of letting her chew on a cleaned up chicken bone as the elders on my maternal side suggest. So far she has endured tons of smothering and guilt ridden loving from Pink Haired Momma: cold teething rings, baby chew/teething toys, cold pea cubes, baby bottle nipples and chupy's to chew on, Tylenol, baby oragel, blankets to chew on, massaging of cheeks and gums.
Nothing helps my little DIVA. This is so awful!! As her momma I can not do anything to make her feel better!! That DANG tooth better break through soon or it is going to have me, the Pink Haired Momma, to deal with!!!!

Finally after several hours of coaxing and singing I was able to get Baby DIVA to finally fall asleep and stay least long enough for me to jump on the computer for a few minutes. Now it is very scary to hear Pink Haired Momma singing nursery rhymes to baby DIVA because I don't know all the words so I just make up my own Pink Hair style lyrics. For example that cute little song Hush Little Baby, well I totally know that the first thing is a mockingbird followed by a diamond ring, but what comes up after that??? In one version today Baby DIVA's third item in this serenade was a ball of twine. Seriously? Because umm Baby DIVA definitely needs one of those. I couldn't help it though. Not knowing any of the words coupled with pure exhaustion from Baby DIVA TMS behavior left me at a loss and I just starting spatting random thing. Ha! no different than normal I guess!

I sure am hoping that Baby DIVA can just sleep through this TMS episode. I do not like not being able to comfort her AT ALL. It brings me to tears and total guilt circulates through my soul when I can not help her. I know there is nothing more I can do, but man this is torture to watch her suffer.

I do not like this TMS and Baby DIVA cutting teeth!!!!


  1. Have you tried Hyland Teething Tablets? We use them and they work for us. You can get them in the baby aisle at walmart.

  2. Rikki!
    Thanks for the tidbit. I will definantely give these tablets a try. Poor baby DIVA she just cries...and poor Pink Haired Momma cuz baby DIVA aint sleeping either!!


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