Sunday, May 24, 2009

Drama Baby Drama

Well, PLEASE excuse my absence yesterday. We have had Family Drama, Baby Happenings, followed by more Drama.

The first round of Drama involved Baby DIVA's Great Great Grandmother getting herself trapped in her bathtub for many hours. Her aid neglectfully did not show up on Friday morning, because Great Great Granny didn't answer the phone (Hello trapped in bathtub that is why you should go there Miss AID!!!) and I am sure Miss AID was just thrilled to start her holiday weekend early. Well that Holiday will be long lived because YOU ARE FIRED!!! So several hours lady my mom went to visit. She stops by many times a day except when the AID is supposed to be there. Since we all assumes Miss AID was there poor Great Granny had to stay trapped in the bathtub!!!

On top of the NO AID, Great Great Granny's emergency button she wears around her neck also failed to do its job. she pushed and pushed and no one was alerted!! Very Scary weekend!!!

More Drama involved me going on a hunt for means to better provide care for Great Great Granny. It looks like we may have found the answer. A very good family friend had taken a position at a brand new facility here by my home. The facility is brand new and will open on June 1st. I will spend this week getting more information. This facility would allow granny her independence with someone still around 24 hours a day and myself and mom could stop by still throughout each day with ease, as now the drive is a minimum of 1/2 an hour! Very stressful! But hopefully things will work out!


Now on to Baby Happenings!!! Baby DIVA has explored a new food! Woohoo! AVOCADO. We were going to go with green beans this week. However we had fresh avocado, so Pink Haired Momma broke out her chef hat and got to whipping and smashing. Hubbs-to-be and Pink Haired Momma allowed Baby DIVA some fun time during the meal and this was the result...

It was so awesome!! Baby DIVA was mushing with her fingers and we even let her stick her toes in the bowl at the end of the meal. I know BAD parents!! But she had a blast!!!

We have installed a new swimming hole for the DIVA to play in for Memorial day and all summer. Of course to meet Baby DIVA's standards the term swimming hole must be used lightly. In my days a dip in the pond was sufficient. Not for Baby DIVA (or for the new mommy freak out scared over protective hidden crazed person who thinks a bug might touch the Babe in in the pond). By installing the new swimming hole I mean that Pink Haired Momma spent the better portion of the morning filling her lungs with hot air and exhaling into the DIVA's new swimming hole!! It is an excellent choice with a padded bottom to keep her rDIVA butt from actually feeling the grass under her tush!! Totally fabulous!!!

Although the DIVA is napping now, she fully expects to awaken and be escorted to her new swimming hole! Lets just hope the weather co-operates!! I mean you can not have Memorial Day weekend without a swim in the swimming hole to bring in the summer!!

We plan on playing in the swimming hole and grilling out later today in honor of Memorial Day. Both Hubbs-to-be and Pink Haired Momma have to work tomorrow, on Memorial Day, so we are celebrating today! Fresh grilled mushroom burgers with fresh spinach leaves(from my garden) and smothered with mozzarella cheese served on whole wheat bread!! Yum Yum. Let you know how it comes out!!!

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