Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Half a Year!!!


6 months ago today I was giving birth at this very moment 6:15 am to the most beautiful baby DIVA ever to grace the world...Amelia Grace!!! Hubbs-to-be was at my side, Grandma Kathy at my other side, 7 minutes of pushing and she was here.

And then the pushing began...

Wow! Baby DIVA's first pic!

I am still in AWE!

Baby DIVA and her first tummy time experience...She was so tiny!!

It has been the most wonderful 6 months in my life. Hard, wonderful, crazy, exciting, exhausting. Every emotion and feeling known to mankind I have experienced over the last 6 months! Baby DIVA has truly brought happiness and love to my life that I never knew existed!! Motherhood is the most glorious gift the human race has!

Baby DIVA and Momma (pre pink) meet for the first time!!

And now Baby DIVA at 6 months old!!

Sitting up and sporting her 6 month birthday hat from Grandma!!!
I love being The Pink Haired Momma to Baby DIVA!!!

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