Friday, May 15, 2009

Crazy as an Ant

The Ants seem to have retreated!!!


Hubbs-to-be spotted a few ants this morning scouting the area near our front door where the eliminator now resides. I have yet to see these small crawling beasts scurrying about my dwelling floor. I believe the few ants that the Hubbs-to-be encountered this morning were "suicide" ants and have proven to the colony this is a hostile area.

My insanity level has been lowered.

Well that was until I received an email from the Hubbs-to-be this morning revealing our weekend plans.


You see we have been "planning" a garage sale now since before the first of the year. I am sure you can all agree this is not an easy undertaking on a good day. Much less a day where you have an infant in your world. So Yes Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be have procrastinated like MAD in regards to this garage sale.

Well now that summer is arriving with the quickness and Baby DIVA is getting around more and enjoying playing with other humans, Hubbs-to-be really wants to get his MAN CAVE, the garage, in order.

So SURPRISE!!! Garage Sale at Pink Haired Momma's and Hubb-to-be's Garage tomorrow 8am posted on Craigslist!!


I have been scooting around like a crazy drugged up ant (lol) this morning! Trying to get everything in order for the sale in tomorrow's early part of the day. I will most likey be pulling an all-nighter tonight to prepare all the goodies for everyone to filter though. Our ad on craigslist and all the garage sale signs (luckily I had a sale a few years back and the signs say my address followed by "Garage Sale Saturday 8am" on them already; Score that task is complete) say 8am, but I know those bargain hunters out there will be stalking the driveway from behind their steering wheels between the hours of 6am and 730am!! Stay back the doors will rise and reveal your prizes at 8am sharp!!!! I know about these bargain hunting stalkers because I secretly stalk other people and their garage sale offerings!!

I must now go continue with my preparations!I am kind of excited!! I am looking forward to watching all my beloved oldies find new homes!!!


  1. Ants here as well!! Terro works great. Enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Kasandria
    Thank you so much for stopping by!! I will look into Terro!! I appreciate the tip!!

    Dont those pesky little critters just drive you crazy!!?!!


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