Friday, May 29, 2009


Well my super cool work from home company laid me off yesterday!! Yep that is right Pink Haired Momma is a victim again of sour economy and is out of a job!! This is the first time in my entire career life that I have been laid off! So Sad!! I am in discussion mode with other work from home companies and sure hope to snag a role in one of these companies in the very near future. However, I have some other means of income producing in the works as well!!

Keep your fingers crossed that these income producers come through so and Pink Haired Momma will be able to keep her hair PINK!!!

In the meantime, as I told my friends in the Houston Area Mommies Group, more time now to play!!

In other news, Baby DIVA slept through the entire night last night...



Now I must admit that we, Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be, gave in and moved her crib into our room. Teehee

But Baby DIVA snoozed comfortably all night in that crib tucked over in her special corner. No wake-ups! No little night terrors! No scream outburst that resulted in her being placed to rest in the luxury of mom and dad's bed! She is a big girl and stayed in the crib!!

Totally fab!

My shoulders feel great this morning as I didn't have to squish my body into a tiny sliver of the bed and desperately try not to fall off the edge all night so that the Baby DIVA could have her personal stretch out space and rest comfortably!

Tired momma before Baby DIVA slept through night!!!

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