Monday, May 25, 2009

Laughing at Life

Seriously, I am in constant awe at some of the crap that rolls of my customers mouths on a daily basis. My little story to jump start your week is, of course, straight from my adventures in the customer service world. This week I received a call from a very upset gentleman. As I started the call it was all I could do to get past the incredible bellows of disgust coming through the line and resting in my ear, from the angered soul on the opposite end of the line. It was very clear this was not going to go well. Finally after some soothing and Pink Haired Momma tone voice cues, I was able to soothe the gentleman to a dull roar and begin to figure out how it was I was going to be his hero.

He begins to spat about how he was so mad at all the "ads". He needed the "ads" resolved. Quickly I realized (because I am super smart and can interpret angered evil call language now with the quickness) he was referring to the "commercials" in between programs. My caller was so mad that commercial interrupted his TV show. I began to give him a lesson in the art of TV programming and how commercials help to pay the network and Blah Blah Blah.

Customer then requests that I please schedule a technician to come to his home to adjust his box so that he never has to see another commercial again.

Seriously, I am not kidding!

Keeping a straight face I brush my Pink Hair away from my face and prepare to let the customer know that this will not be a possible end to his circumstances.

Before I can open my mouth, customer breaks off into his own plan of how the networks should run commercials. He informs me that he sleeps from 11pm to 4am on a daily basis and that all commercials should run at this time and only this time because he is asleep and will not have to view them during this time. He goes on for a few minutes and explains his plan to be in more intricate detail. I listen and oooh and ahhh for a moment in order to build "rapport" with my customer.

Once the "Rapport" is established I then explain to him that the technicians I have available will not be able to assist him in the way he wants. However I have pulled up the network direct line and he can call and file his complaint/plan of improvement to them.

He was so excited and so grateful...I actually became his little hero!! Woohoo me. And I am so sorry to the poor soul who takes his call over at the network!!!

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