Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

Photo courtesy of bottleleaf

Tuesday has arrived and so has today's "Tuesday Tidbit" of bright and useful information. This week we are focusing our attention on that yucky smell that radiates from the garbage disposal. You know what I am talking about. Everyone has encountered this issue. You just finished cleaning dishes and as you turn your head you catch a lovely whiff of YUCK lingering from down the drain. Nasty! Kind of makes you wanna barf.


Well here is a quick fix to that big old nastiness. Grab a lemon or an orange and slice into quarters. Remove the seeds as these can cause the disposal some issues (not fun issues either) and they also make a horrible and horrendous little noise when thrown down disposal. Then turn on the faucet and allow warm water to flow into the drain. Now at a steady pace allow the citrus quarters to be gobbled up by the garbage disposal. Once complete turn off disposal and water and then lean in and take a deep breathe.

The beautiful aroma of a happy fragrant citrus tree has replaced that horrendous odor from before. Delicious! Much more appropriate for the kitchen sink!
Repeat approximately every 2 weeks or as needed. I know that some of us have stinkier sinks than others so if you need to repeat it is okay. I wont laugh...at least not for very long!

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