Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes the Noggin is my life now...

The last 24 hours have been jam packed with all kinds of new developments...

First and foremost Baby DIVA learned to eat from a spoon. The first 3 bites were a bit strange; however by bite 4 she learned how to open the Hanger and was ready for more. DIVA, however, was not excited about the taste of this so called cereal and has formally requested a more enriched meal that meets the standards of her palette for the next feeding.

Second, I am officially Baby DIVA's personal chef! I made the DIVA's first "solid foods" or rather her first gourmet meal. We will be starting her this weekend on "solid food". Now why is it referred to a "solid food"? Because I am sorry but no seasoning mashed up veggies is really yuck and too me is not SOLID! Ha! No wonder Baby DIVA made her request this morning after the initial cereal feeding, for some foods better equipped for her matured palette. Anyway tangent there. Chef Pink Haired Momma proudly whipped up some peas and carrots and I have frozen and vacuumed sealed them in preparation of baby DIVA's first "solid" meal. We will begin this extravagant fiesta this weekend in the presence of Hubbs-to-be, so we may have the entire episode filmed, of course. The below slideshow documents this Chef’s first gourmet meal preparation for Baby DIVA. Yes new mom documents and shares EVERYTHING with the world!

And last but not least, in true Pink Haired Momma style the Baby Diva was introduced to Aqua Net!!! A little hairspray (from the 80's) never hurt anyone, Right?

**And in case you are wondering, I was in fact playing with slideshows in photobucket in the middle of the night while the Baby DIVA decided NOT to sleep!**


  1. Enjoy your little darling and all the new steps she takes. When you get impatient, stop and enjoy the moment instead. Take lots of pictures!! and get a Camcorder too if your able to record her growth (and any more babies that may happen along) They grow up way too fast and this you'll see sooner than you can believe. I enjoy hearing your stories. :)

  2. P.S Your slide show came out just fine for the middle of the night, it looks good!.
    Have you tried Flickr? Its the version of online picture albums and storage. Free service and paid service depending on your needs. Unlimited storage so I scanned most of my old photos and have everything there..even my Blog photos...Don't laugh..I have 3 paid accounts...One for family photos, one for Blogging Photos, and one that my daughters use for their social needs..I just pay for

  3. Dawson LOVES baby food, his faves are bananas, but he sure enjoyed sweet potatos last nigh!

  4. Cool mandie! Banana's huh? When did you start him on food? Do you make yours or buy pre made? Have you tried veggies? If so what kinds has Dawson had and how did he react? We are starting with veggies bc i have a sweet tooth and want amelia to at least have the chance at eating healthier than me!!!


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