Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crawling into May

Cinco de Mayo roared in with a bang this morning, at the bright and early time of 5:30am for Baby DIVA and Pink Haired mom. Not the way I intended to awake but Diva was all smiles, So be it!! I had no idea at this early morning moment what the Baby Diva had in store for me today.

I guess she has decided that today is the day she is officially going to be a "crawl'n" DIVA. I placed her in her usual position with her "friends" on her play mat. After a brief tickle and giggle session I allowed her to entertain her imagination and I ventured off into the kitchen to make some dinner and start a load of laundry (I am a mom I can totally do 5 things at once now). 2 minutes later I look back at the play mat and

no Baby DIVA!!!

Brief heart attack followed by baby giggles on the other side of the living room.

She made it all the way across the room. I swear she must have been plotting this adventure before I stepped away. The only time my Pink Haired multi tasking self was not looking at her was the 12 steps from the living room to the kitchen! Wow! Go DIVA babe! Crawling at 5 months!

My life is now over.

*of course on attempts to get this new talent on video the DIVA needed a break and was not available for filming.

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