Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabulous Solids

As you know Baby DIVA has now been eating solids for 3 whole days. We are still on PEAS, and loving every last bite of it. However, the freezer is now packed and ready with homemade gourmet meals by the Pink Haired Momma consisting of: Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, more PEAS and soon to be Yellow Squash. The only sad thing I have to report is that so far my crop of food growing in the yard is failing miserably, ( I so want the little garden sign that reads " I tried but it died" to stick in my first attempt at organic gardening garden!!) and I have had to succumb to buying frozen veggies for the ingredients of Baby DIVA's gourmet meals!

Since this Pink Haired Momma is now an full expert, of course, in the feeding of solids ritual, I thought I would share with you some totally fabulous products we have accumulated and adore using during this wonderful event each day.

First of all the BUMBO is working out as a great place for Baby DIVA to rest her DIVA self while eating her gourmet meal of PEAS. Second, we have found that no clothing is required during the festivities of the feeding ritual, because so far the earth does not provide a fabric that is strong enough to withstand the beating of a Baby DIVA gourmet mess. Feather Boas and sparkling Tiara's must be set aside during this grand event.

We have found that we really like a line of products by Munchkin. These Soft-Tip Infant Spoons and Stay Put Suction Bowls are working out perfect for the beautiful presentation of the gourmet PEAS for Miss Baby DIVA. The bright colors ate totally fantastic and the ease of use and cleaning is superb! Baby DIVA has taking a great liking to Pink Haired Momma's choice of presentation.

We are sure looking forward to testing out the Fresh Food Feeders in the next few days and will defiantly report our findings. Stay tuned because as we learn and explore more, the Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA will share with the world all our totally fabulous findings!!

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