Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pink Haired Momma 5 month countdown!!

5 months from now this Pink Haired Momma will be trotting down the aisle or rather up the steps of the bridge at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada in Flip Flops wearing the most beautiful BLACK wedding gown ever to marry the love of her life Hubbs-to-be. Time is a ticking! I cant believe it!

Halloween Bride-to-be The Pink Haired Momma!

Wow so much work and so little time!!
I am getting so excited now! I cant believe I am getting married in 5 short months!!!

Here is a photo collection of the approved wedding details!!
The Location: Bridge at Venetian Las Vegas!!
My AWESOME DRESS by Batty! with hidden feathers and jewels in the skirt!!!
My Totally RAD wedding Jewelry
The fabulous white tulip bouquet. Although it will have embellishments of peacock feathers to give it Pink Haired Momma flair!!

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