Thursday, May 7, 2009

Plato's Closet door is shut!!


So you remember just yesterday I realized how horrible at cleaning this Pink Haired mom is. I went through and cleaned out the closet and came out holding 6 bags of clothes that I need to get rid of. Well I did some research and found a cool consignment store nearby (or so the website conned me into believing) and thought I would take my bags over there and let them have a look see and whatever they did not want I would donate or freecycle!!

So I load up Baby DIVA, (which you parents out there know this is not an easy task: prepare child for car trip, pack diaper bag and fill with all essential gear in case Armageddon hits while you are out, put babe in car seat, put car seat in car, triple check to make sure car seat is secure, close door, re-open door and check one more time to make sure car seat is in place Etc etc). So anyway Baby DIVA was loaded, the 6 bags of clothes were loaded and Pink Hair here was loaded. So off we go to this consignment store!

Upon entering the following occurred:

Sales chick walks up to me and looks at me with Baby DIVA and says the following,
"I don't think we have your size. We only take Juniors and small sizes."

Ummmm hello what the HELL!!! I don't even get to say Hello before you start judging what I might be doing in your store. How do you know that I am coming to your store for selling? I might be coming into buy. I could be walking in to tell you the store just won the lottery!! I was infuriated!!! I just looked at the woman and said "BYE" and with that Baby DIVA and I turned away and left. Little did that sales chick know that my 6 bags of clothes are filled with name brand almost new clothing that "juniors" would love to have and they are of a small size because before getting pregnant I WAS a small size!!! I am just so perturbed!!!

So in revenge I will not only NEVER EVER EVER shop or sell there, I am going to spread the word about how much I despise them!

They are actually a chain. The name is Plato's Closet.

The sales chick with "small size only" attitude is at the Mason Road store in Katy, Texas!

Thanks Plato's closet I will take my clothes and donate them to those who need them regardless of their small or large stature!!! And I will gladly share my experience from your store with everyone I know!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is awful. Did you call the manager? I would that was uncalled for an rude.

  2. I have not called the manager. I am actually drafting a letter to send to their corporate managment office. Dont piss off PINK HAIRED MOMMA!!!!!!


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