Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tasty Baby

We are 4 days into our wonderful adventures of solids, when the door bell rings unexpectedly this morning. Who might be ringing our door I, the Pink Haired Momma, utter quietly to the peacefully resting Baby DIVA? I have not showered in quite some time now, nor even bothered to brush my Pink Hair, and it may have been eons since I looked like a human. And I may be mistaken but it is quite possible I have some discarded PEAS residing behind my left ear. Anyhow, how can I possibly answer this surprise ringing at my door?

I stalk towards the door in stealth mode for a couple of reasons actually. The first reason being I do not want to wake the peaceful resting Baby DIVA. We all know that waking Baby DIVA from her beauty sleep can result in a catastrophic nightmare of epic proportions. Let the DIVA rest!! The other reason being I just know whoever is at the door must have x-ray vision and surely will be able to see my scary Pink Haired Momma self through the heavy metal door. Gently I look ever so softly through the little peep hole and see my "friend" the Fed Ex man.

Wow! It has been such a long time since I have seen him. (The sour economy has put a limit on my online shopping not to mention I am so tired from Baby DIVA's 24 hour playtime adventures, that I often can not get myself, the computer and the credit card all together in one simple location to even attempt to make a purchase)! Fast as lightning I try and recall if I have done any shopping lately...hmmm there was that wild night on Sunday when Baby DIVA slept but Pink Haired Momma did not...vaguely I recall playing online but I seem to only remember working on my wedding registry (shhh don't tell anyone yet, just trying to get a head start LOL). I wonder what this could be!! A late Mother's day gift from Hubbs-to-be??? I was totally stumped.

Now let me remind you this entire conversation happened inside my Pink Haired head while I was unlocking the lock and flinging open the door to see my "friend" the Fed Ex guy!! Excellent parenting and safety skills were definitely utilized during this encounter!

"HI"!!! I exclaimed as my friend handed me a box and the little electronic signy thingy. "Friend", was not so friendly today. He had a supervisor following him and he just handed me my box and said "Have a good day Ma'am". Well okay, I thought and took my box inside.

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops, I have a PRIZE!!! Sure glad it wasn't a bomb or something scary like that because I tore into that box like a kid on Christmas. My goodness what motherhood and a sour economy can do to a Pink Haired Momma. I guess when you get excited about making mashed up veggies and then feeding them to your child and having them spit it back at you (note mashed up peas can look even grosser and more mashed up after being in a babies mouth); the little things in life can spark total and complete awesomeness and excitement. Hence the tearing open of an unknown arriving package!!

I pulled open the box and made a quick realization...

Grandma Kathy is becoming a very active participant in spoiling Baby DIVA. What a wonderful mom I have and a totally fabulous Grandma Baby DIVA has.

She sent us a Tastybaby Starter Set!!

This is an organic line of baby food that I like. We, of course, are making our own foods here at home courtesy of Chef Pink Haired Momma and her gourmet blending techniques, however sometimes you just need something that is already made, like when visiting family and such. So we have been doing some research and have found this line called Tasty Baby that we really like; well at least we really like what we have read about and the reviews we have seen. We have talked about ordering some for Baby DIVA to try in the coming weeks and months as she develops a more mature palette!

And now Thanks to my Loving and Wonderful Mom and Super Grandma of the famous Baby DIVA, we have a cool starter set to test out and see how well we like.
It is so cool!
The set arrived boxed up super tight and packed in nice. It came with a nifty little bag and 6 different types of stage 1 and stage 2 baby foods. The names are hysterical. For example the peach is called "Life 's a Peach".
Too fun!! I totally dig it and I think it is so rad!
So these little goodies have now found a lovely little place to call home in our deep freezer until they are promoted to the indoor freezer for consumption at a later date. I am super stoked to have her try "Life's a Peach" in the not too far distant future!! Keep checking back to learn more about Baby DIVA's adventures in TastyBaby delights!!!


  1. Oh yay! How exciting...I've wanted to try these! You'll have to let me know how they are! Or I guess how Baby DIVA likes them. :)

  2. LOL! I will keep you posted! Beleive me Baby DIVA will let us know. I cant wait for her to try them. Right now we are still on PEAS that I made. We will only be doing 1 food per week for a while as her tum tum is special!! :)


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