Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dream Travel: In an RV!!! Where would you go?

You dont have to tell me I know I am crazy!!!

The last few months I have had this wild and crazy idea that we should/NEED to rent out our house and buy and RV and take our life on the road!! I would love to have a nomadic lifestyle the next few years all the while learning about our great continent of North America and teaching Amelia that she can pursue whatever she dreams, just so long as she does it responsibly.

Hubbs-to-be is not as excited about this endeavor as me. However being the greatest man ever he lets me ramble on about the possibilities of living in an RV and crossing the country many time over.

GUIDED IMAGERY: Take a moment and just visualize Crazy Pink haired mom at the giant wheel of the portable house on wheels with Handsome Hubbs-to-be beside her and Baby Diva chillaxin in her On the go Crib!!!! LOL Totally Love it!!!

Financing such a lifestyle may be quite tricky. I have secured a work from home job and could possibly parlay this is to a traveling work from RV gig. I have learned that in the customer service field I am in almost all the at-home positions require a modem attached Internet connection, not wireless. After research on the subject I have located many RV sites across the country that enable just this connection to occur. So problem solved...not exactly.

The Hubbs-to-be will need to have an On The Go gig too. He is not a customer service potential employee. That type of work is just not in his blood, so sweet as he may be to me, just not the field for him. He would need a full time paying gig in the form of a remote computer, photography or graphics field. We are still searching; rather I am searching and HOPING!!

After some preliminary research into the traveling dream lifestyle, we have come to the conclusion that it just might not be in our cards right now. Maybe that will change in the future. We both strongly believe that if the time is right then the process will come with ease and we will just fall right into our nomadic life.

Until then, I am going to post once a week, an incredibly fun, unique and off the beaten path place we would love to visit when the time comes that we will be able to live the nomadic lifestyle of our dreams.

When we take off on our dream journey some day in the future we will be starting out right here in Houston, Texas. It is only appropriate to begin this collection with a unique spot right here at home!!!!

Totally awesome and amazing here it is:
The first location listed on our magical dream journey:



  1. I actually know a couple with 2 kids who do something like this! They started because the husbands job is mapping gas wells so he started off traveling on his own, then they decided to sale their house buy and RV and just go wherever the job takes them.

    They love it! They are usually in one area for a month or so and they explorer all the sites around them when they can and move on to the next job.

  2. Oh my goodness that is like my dream scenario!! I so wish hubbs-to-be and myself could find jobs that enabled this to become reality!! I just think it would be so cool to see everything that is out there!!!

  3. You can do it if you really want to. Working on the road is possible and many people do it.

    Check out:
    and for more information about RVing and the RV lifestyle see:

    Many RV parks and campgrounds hire RVers for work in the park... usually a free site and minimum wage.

    The real jobs are in the local community. Evaluate your skills and look around.

  4. Wow! Thank you Steven! Some cool sites there. I have been looking at some of the work on the road jobs. I firmly believe when those wheels are ready to roll then the perfect job for me and hubbs-to-be will present itself and away we go! Until then I keep searching and looking and applying and learning!!!


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