Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have been slacking really bad over the last couple of days with Baby DIVA updates. We have hit some new milestones! Of course, I have been the greatest paparazzi mom with the photographic documentation of these milestones. I just have been playing and goofing off too much with Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA that I haven't put them here to entertain you. So Let us have an update party!!

First...Baby DIVA meets the pool

She dressed for the event in her finest robe and lime green suit then entered the fresh cool water with apprehension, only to discover it was like the bathtub and promptly chewed on her chew keys. 10 minutes in and she was done with the wet diaper and ready for a nice warm bath and dry clothes!

Thanks mom, But I prefer warm bubbly water that smells like Johnson's, not outdoor grass smell.

Total DIVA
Not too impressed with this whole swimming event. Next time I will scent the water with Johnson's to meet her DIVA standards

***Note to all!! We are in fact the parents of that awful child who not only pukes in the pool, but fills her diaper with the largest poop ever known to man while sitting for a mere 10 minutes in the water. Luckily we introduced her to this pool event in a private pool in the secluded location of "Our Backyard" and the CDC will not need to be notified for clean-up***

So then we celebrated Memorial Day. We tried to teach Baby DIVA the meaning of this day and how wonderful it is to have people who serve our country and provide us with the Freedom we have.

She responded by freely reaching down and untying her shoe laces. Go Freedom. We plan to try and teach her again next year!

And finally we are officially 6 months old! We went and saw her Doctor K and it has been documented she is doing great and thriving! Baby DIVA weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds 14 ounces, is 27 inches long and has a tiny little pin head, just like her Pink Haired Momma. For those following, we don't keep up to much with this next part, this translates into weight 70 percentile and height 90 percentile. Doctor K is very happy with Baby DIVA. We have placed her 6 month Report card on the Baby DIVA bulletin board here in the kitchen!! Woohoo!!

Here is Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA pre shots...

And the happy family of 3, And yes we are snapping these little goodies in out tiny doctor room. What else is there to do while waiting!!!

And that is a wrap on the last couple of days here at the Pink Haired Momma house!

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