Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ants Ants Ants

One of the many joys about Spring and early Summer time here in the South is that, as the warm air begins to embrace our magnificent area, the ants begin to hunt for cooler ground. This results in sugar ants packing up and moving their colonies indoors. And by indoors I mean they are moving inside MY doors, and I am NOT happy about it!!! I have battled these sugar ant issues for many years in many homes. I have even fought the battle with these crawling creatures when I resided on the 9th floor of a high rise condominium many years back (the younger days…oh the stories to share…wait! Wait! getting off track here). These pesky little critters drive me insane!! I am constantly wiping my entire dwelling with my Homemade Cleaning Wipes in hopes of repelling these tiny demons.

Now that I am the mother of an almost 6 month old Baby DIVA, who I might add, is on the verge of taking off in a full force speedy crawl around the floor of my home any minute now; I totally think the ants are aware of this impending scenario and are using it against me. They seem to have multiplied into the most gigantic colony on the face of the planet here inside my home. They are coming out of the WALLS!!!

I am going CRAZY! Crazy like when you step on the ant hill and all the buggies scatter in all different directions. Well I am feeling a bit like my ant hill has been mashed and I am running every which way to get it back in order.

In between my advanced scrub with my wipey techniques to abolish these beasts, I cannot help but ponder the following question. Are the ants really in a retaliatory mode against me this year, or have I just become a Pink Haired Momma who stalks every area her Baby DIVA has access to like a crazy over involved parent? Upon these ponderings I have officially decided the ants are waging war against me and I must accept the battle and conquer my Land aka my indoors!

Now I know you are probably thinking, “Okay Pink Haired Momma get some buggy ant spray and call it a day”, right? Well my friends not only am I suffering from the nothing that kills anything around my new baby syndrome, that almost all new mother have, I also have an incredibly severe allergy to any kind of bug killing product. Seriously, I do. It makes me devastatingly ill. I cannot be anywhere near any form of chemical used to eliminate creatures of this kind. We truly only use organic and non-harmful methods of elimination for these insect creatures in the Pink Haired Momma’s world.

After some extensive research by Hubbs-to-be, my Mom and myself we have come up with a solution to eradicate these pests in a non-threatening fashion. Hubbs-to-be decorated our yard and every nook and cranny around our house tonight with this wonderful and safe for me and Baby DIVA crawling creature eliminator Diatomaceous Earth. Our yard and all the nooks and crannies are now covered with a film of white powder that I am hoping in the next day or so dissolve away all my buggy problems.

I have provided here a link for you to examine this product at We had a hard time locating a store here in our area of Texas that could provide us with what we wanted. Hubbs-to-be finally located a small package at a Lowes by his job and we are giving it its trial run before purchasing any more.

I sure hope to provide a fabulous report on this product in the next few days. I imagine myself saying, “Not only is organic, safe, and non-harmful for people, pets, and Baby DIVA; it also KILLED MY ANTS!!!!!”


  1. SALT! The answer is Salt. Around your doors and your whole house. I'm not kidding. Apparently they can't cross the stuff, it's like kryptonite to them. Good luck with it! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Margarita
    Thank you so much for the tidbit!! I have been standing guard watching to see if these beasts are making their way around my denfenses. So far so good...I plan to conintue to monitor the situation until if is official I have conquered the land!

    I have heard that lining the doors and windows also helps ward off evil spirits and karma. I think I am going to protect my home in this manner from crawling beats and energy beasts this weekend!!!

    Thanks again!!


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