Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

When Amelia was born my parents bought us an upright deep freeze as a baby gift. This has got to be one of the best gifts I have ever received...well besides the gift or motherhood of course!!

I am a coupon mom and watch sales like crazy. I dabbled in the grocery game and learned the skills to get the best deals on items we use everyday. Now when something goes on sale and I have coupons, this crazy pink haired mom high tails it to the store and STOCKPILES!!! Then i store it in my handy deep freeze and the cabinets I have hanging out in the Man Cave aka the Garage!!!


I recently tried out an interesting idea that I found on the internet in regards to freezing grocery items you would not normally think about freezing when you happen across them in fabulous sales!!!
Gallons of Milk and eggs.

Weird right?

Not so much, it really works.
Gallons of milk were on sale here at my local grocery and I had a coupon. I got 3 gallons and brought them home. I opened each gallon and poured out just a small amount (about 1/2 cup or so) and put the lid back on. Then I took my Trusty Pink Sharpie and wrote the date of entry into the freezer on the top of the plastic jug. 2 weeks later I needed new milk so I went to the garage and retrieved one of my frozen milk experiments and placed it in the fridge in the house. 24 hours later we were drinking thawed out frozen milk and couldn't even tell the difference. The thawed milk lasted just over a week in my fridge without spoiling after the Thaw. This is just too cool. Instead of paying almost $4 a gallon I can stockpile Milk when I can get it on sale for a buck or two!! Fab find for me!!

Now on the eggs...

I crack open the eggs and mix 2 together just like if I was going to cook scrambled eggs. Then I place 2 mixed eggs into the little hole on an ice tray. Each hole can house 2 mixed eggs. Now using this method of freezing eggs will enable you to use the eggs primarily for baking and scrambled eggs projects (I say projects because this Pink Haired mom is still learning how to cook. Every adventure in the kitchen is a total Project) in the future. In case you are wondering making sunny side up for breakfast from these eggs is probably out of the question. Ha! So then cover the egg trays really good to prevent freezer burn. I wrap in foil then place the whole tray in my food saver bag and food save it. Then I label the date of entry into the freezer with my Trusty Pink Sharpie and TADA!!! eggs that are ready to use for an extended time period past expiration!! Totally Love it!!!

So how cool is that. A fun and exciting way to stockpile and freeze milk and eggs when they are on sale. I totally love it!!!

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