Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yummy Yummy

I have been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle over the last year or so. As a family Hubbs-to-be and myself have been trying to eat better and some day I might even start exercising. I do place emphasis on the someday...Baby DIVA will determine the time frame for this venture. So anyway back to the eating healthy. We have been incorporating more fruits and veggies into our inhalation of food consumption. And have we have focused on growing our own foods and preparing the majority of our meals at home in order to secure a healthy lifestyle. We are by no means total healthy eaters yet. We sure do try but man we love yum yum foods!!

We have also been working on cutting out refined sugar from our diet. Not an easy task I might add. We seem to have an addiction problem. Consuming multiple soda's daily are something we now speak of in a past tense. However I absolutely LOVE soda. Addiction to Sonic Route 44 cherry Dr. Pepper! Yum Yum Yum!! It is so hard for me to part with soda. But I do try. We get a single 12 pack once a week and when it is gone I am SOL. (Unless I have somewhere to go then I go and get my Sonic treat...sad when I make up outings just for another Route 44.)

Well Hubbs-to-be brought home a cool little surprise last night. Our weekly 12 pack is Pepsi this week. Not my fav at all. However this is a SPECIAL Pepsi. It is called Pepsi Throwback. A limited edition treat that is made with natural sugar. And guess what? I doesn't taste too bad at all. I kind of dig it actually. I enjoyed one last night and now again this morning!

So now I sit here sipping my Pepsi Throwback made with natural sugar and will reward myself with this delicious Hershey bar.

Good Job Hubbs-to-be and Pink Haired Momma! Natural Sugar drink begets a refined sugar treat. Smart thinking!!!

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