Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was stalking around the Internet today looking for some fun and exciting cheap things to do with Baby DIVA and this great group Houston Area Mommies that I am a member of, when I happened upon this site and found this fabulous contest.


How fun is this! My goodness, I SO would have done this when I was pregnant with Baby DIVA. If you are pregnant now you should totally participate in this fabulous event. It is a win-win situation. You get very cool pics for your pregnancy album and you just might win $250. What is better than that. I mean you have that big open blank canvas staring you in the face right? Slather on some paint, get arty because you know the momma gene is kicking with those nasty hormones and you are bound to already be feeling those pangs of "I gotta be crafty and make everything" by now. And if you are like me, you really do not have a crafty bone in your body. Most of my pregnancy "I gotta get crafty" projects ended up looking like used diaper rags and now reside somewhere deep in Baby DIVA's closet. So this is the perfect opportunity to put those crazy pangs of motherhood to rest and still have some arty crafty fun!!! Woohoo!!

I might just have to paint my post preggo flabo just for grins!! In fact, if i can get 5 pregnant mama's to email me or post their painted bellies, I the Pink Haired Momma, will paint her post preggo flabo and submit it to the contest for fun!!!

You have until June 30, 2009 to get those bellies painted photographed and emailed in to scrapbook@parenting.com. For official rules click HERE

Let's see those works of art ladies!!!

Come on do it for Pink Haired Momma!!!

Or at least to see Pink Haired Momma make a fool of herself!!


  1. Speaking of painting and baby activities, you can finger baby with Baby Diva. We do it with my daughter we just mix sugar free vanilla pudding with food coloring and she goes to town. I keep an old painter drop cloth so she can do it on that but 90% of it ends up on her though, lol. It's fun though.

  2. Rikki that sound like so much fun! Baby DIVA is so gonna get to d othis soon. Cant wait to show you some of her works from your inspiration!!


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