Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dressing Dilemma

Baby DIVA is facing a terrible dilemma. She can not figure out which outfit to wear to the TWO weddings we are attending this weekend. Pink Haired mom found some great deals at the thrift store this last week and this has left baby DIVA pondering what to wear. Here are her options:


Friday Possibles:

A. Hot pink island theme

B. White sundress with Flair

Saturday Possibles

A. Yellow Sunflower Romper

B. Pink Strawberries Sundress

Your input is greatly appreciated!!!

All outfits have been modeled and each one makes her look her most fabulous, so that is not an issue!

View Pink Haired Momma's Outfits

(If inspiration is needed to help in decision)

Friday Dress
Saturday Dress


  1. Hmm... Abby votes Friday: B and Saturday: A :)

  2. Dawson thinks she'd be a cutie in a paperbag, but for Friday he says A. and for Saturday he says B.
    Clearly Abs and D would not get along!

  3. I think you should switch them around! My vote is B for Friday and then the very first dress for Saturday(the hot pink island theme) because it goes with the theme of your dress.

    See here is where it'd be good to have twins because you could put each of them in a favorite outfit.

  4. You guys are so awesome! thank you Nicole, Mandie and Rikki!!

    Amelia is still undecided. We will hold another modeling session tonight for Daddy and see what he has to say! The Saturday wedding is a morning wedding. Do the same rules apply for babies that apply for adults, in dressing for time appropriate, seasonal etc?

    I agree with you Rikki on the twins except two outfits on two babes translates into two butts of diapers! LOL SCARY!!!!


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