Friday, May 22, 2009

Flaming Gallery Furniture

It is a sad day here in Houston, Texas. If you are from this area you probably are familiar with a Houstonian we all know and love MATTRESS MACK and his Gallery Furniture.

If you are not familiar with Mattress Mack you are totally missing out. He really will "save you money" on all your furniture needs and will deliver your new furniture the same day you purchase; according to his advertisement. And he keeps his word and does just that. He has built an empire here in Houston over the last 20 years. Mattress Mack plays an active role in the community and focuses alot of time on charities and he really strives to help others.

Well yesterday the unthinkable happened. Gallery Furniture ,a historical and comical location to Houstonians,went up in flames. I am so saddened to hear about this. I have grown up my whole life hearing the famous and distinct voice of Mattress Mack telling me he will "save you money"! God Bless you Mack and your store. Here is wishing you a speedy cleanup and recovery!
If you would like to follow this developing tragedy click here to view our local news.

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