Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yucky Sucky

Because I am the coolest Pink Haired Momma out there, I am always searching for new and cool products, toys and exciting things to do with Baby DIVA. Anything that might possibly be stimulating, fun, useful, exciting, or just plain handy always gets a totally complete fabulous investigation from this momma. Recently, I came across an interesting little something that caused me to literally gasp and lose my breath. I am all for doing ANYTHING for my Baby DIVA, especially in regards to her heath and welfare. However this may be pushing it way too far...

Suck the snot straight from Baby DIVA's nose right into my mouth. Yummy! Kind makes me think of the delicious gourmet broccoli meal I have frozen in the freezer for Baby DIVA.

I love Baby DIVA, but baby boogs in my mouth makes me want to hurl. Seriously only unexpected caught off guard funky baby stuff can enter the area of my face and mouth. I certainly don't invite these funky things to my mouth area like this contraption calls for!!!

And, YES, this is a legitimate baby product. Can you believe it? The concept is quite simple, however bizarre that may be. Stick one end of tube in your mouth. Place the other end in the baby nostril, then suck with a gentle motion and remove all the boogies from the baby's airway.

Wanna know more? You can get all the FAQ's and the easy to follow instruction guide here!

Pretty weird!!!


  1. Haha...I actually read about this back when our babes were wee ones and the boogies DON'T go in your mouth surprisingly enough! I about gagged when I first saw it, but there's some filter that keeps them from entering the unthinkable region! :) I'll still stick with my plain jane nose sucker, thank you.

  2. Oh the things a mommy will do for her baby...

  3. Well this Momma will most likely not be participating in the grand event for her baby!! Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!


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