Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding shower and Corset Bag

My best friend is getting married this coming Friday May 8th. I am her maid of honor. Feeling more like maid of dishonor these days because Baby DIVA takes up all my time and I have not done anything to help with her wedding. Some of this guilt I must say has started to melt away as I went way above and beyond pre baby DIVA at her first wedding and her other Bridesmaid rocks as a planner. LOL ha okay okay I know!!

Yesterday I went to her wedding shower without the baby DIVA!! It was quite wonderful, I must admit. I took the Hubbs-to-be's 'Stang and semi-dressed up mommy went galloping down the freeway, pink hair blowing in the wind...

We did not plan the coordinating dress and present wrapping...but funny nonetheless!!!!

My Best friend "K-Teach" is a fab drill/cheer coach at OUR high school alum no less. She is getting married to a wonderful man that we all adore! He is the A list in my mind and for a MAN to hit the A list in my mind for my A list Friends you gotta be dang good and have some special FLAIR of your own! Way to go my BFF your man has FLAIR!!!

So I was faced with the wedding gift purchase dilemma yesterday before attending the shower. What do I buy my BFF for her wedding? Do I stick with the plan and carefully assess her wedding registry and pick out a delightful gift from the " I am newly married section" and have it wrapped up cute with matching paper and a bow? Well lets see for starters since it is actually her second and she already owns a home and everything inside and she lived with me for over a year after her divorce...and not to mention that that would be the NORMAL thing to do not the Pink Haired thing to do; I made my decision. I know exactly what she needs...

My pink hair craziness kicked in and off I went to purchase the Following necessities

Straws: for those mean margarita newlywed nights
Toothpicks: for getting rid of the leftovers after the hubbs cooks
A Battery buffet: in case the hubbs is busy
Tube squeezers: PLEASE! everyone needs these
And the most important: TYLENOL!!!! no explanation needed
I wrapped it all up in a beautiful wedding bag adorned with the proverbial declaring of love embellished with champagne flutes and stuffed it with fabulous lime green tissue paper and of course a musical card playing the cherished sounds of the "Chicken Dance"!!!!

I was a hit! She loved it!!And I laughed and laughed!!

By the way the sun was hiding behind clouds but we both sported sunglasses inside during the shower!!
Oh My goodness I totally almost forgot this wonderful addition to my day yesterday. Since I was without Diaper bag I needed a purse...Wowsers!! Haven't carried one of those in ages...So I raced into the closet of clothes that do not fit and climbed up to the top shelf trying to recall if there were purses there. What do you know!! There was a some purses up there and I found an Oldie but Goodie hiding in the back. It just Made my day that much better.

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