Sunday, May 31, 2009

Craptastic Hormones

I strongly believe that all those craptastic parenting classes all us new parents took and will take that engage us in the superb fun loving exercises about how to put a diaper on a baby butt or how to bathe the baby (blah blah blah) are just a serious waste of time and energy, not to mention dough. I am a new mom. YES. However, most of the classes that we unload a craptastic amount of dough on to teach us "How to raise" our children all just bull, I have learned. We end up not doing anything the way the teacher taught us and still feeling like complete and total idiots who do not have a clue, and guess what??

MY KID IS STILL ALIVE, and doing quite well I might add.

Now the classes that should be offered and we should unload our dough on in the pre birth stage, are those classes in which we learn how to not be a psycho mommy who goes ballistic on poor psycho daddy. How to not loose your mind and scream at the kitchen sink drain and Hubbs-to-be because the dishes are in the wrong side of the sink. How to cope with the daily illusion that you are a super mom and can do it all and somehow still be the "before baby" you too. WHATEVER!!!

Yes Folks Pink Haired Momma had a craptastic mental disturbance this weekend! A full out throw down with the kitchen sink and poor Hubbs-to-be got caught in the crossfire. I tell you what! No matter how much you read, learn, ask, smell, taste, touch whatever; nothing can prepare you for how hard parenthood is. Take a screaming non sleeping teething just got my shots DIVA of a babe known to the world as Baby DIVA and couple that with the loony toons Pink Haired Momma who is exhausted from not sleeping and a little stressed out at the recent loss of job and what to you get. Hubbs-to-be crouching quietly in the corner wishing the women in his life would silently disappear!!

YEA!! for sleep deprivation and heavy hormones!!

And I thank my lucky Pink Stars My loving Hubbs-to-be loves me and my crazy wicked ways!!!


  1. Been there! LOL. I hope Baby Diva(and YOU!) get some relief soon.

  2. I totally agree - classes are worthless and hormones suck balls. ;)

  3. Rikki!
    Thanks! Releif will be when baby DIVA is an adult I am afraid! LOL just kidding! On top of everything else it is so hard not being able to comfort a teething babe! U know?

  4. Chelsea!
    Seriously Hormones can kiss my tush! I am so over them! I thought by now 6 months after birth they would be back to normal. Then i remebered that I am female and totaly have psycho hormones all the time with or without a recent pregancy! LOL


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