Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

Last week found Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA sharing a little funky fun in a European inspired Dream Travel in an RV. We packed our virtual mansion on wheels and rolled off down the road to see the fabulously chic Eiffel Tower, American...well Texan style. We had a fun and fabulous virtual experience checking out the tower wearing nothing other than a beautiful gigantic red Cowgirl hat!
Building on this European influence of our American Dream Travel in and RV from last week, this week the Pink Haired Momma is leading her family to a totally cool European...well English inspired novelty found right here in the greatest place...TEXAS!!!! Virtually only of course...for NOW!!

Rolling Rolling Rolling...European inspired right here in Kerrville, Texas!

Recognize this awesome stone carving? Well just in case you do not, this is Stonehenge...Texas Style; known to those who have stumbled upon this wonder in the rolling hills of Texas as Stonehenge II!! The original can be found in England, however those of us who travel in an RV here in America have a little trouble seeing some of those European historical places. Something to do with RV's and oceans, you know they just don't quite mesh!!

Back to Stonehenge!! This place is a riot. A gentleman by the name of Al Sheppard was delighted one year to receive for his birthday a giant rock. Oh goodie you must be thinking. A ROCK!!!!
I know I would have smiled that sarcastic Pink Haired Momma smile and muttered some smart butt response of "Oh Thank you so much! Just what I have always wanted!", if I received a ROCK. Okay whatever!

Mr. Al Sheppard luckily, saw promise in this ROCK. Turns out the Rock was a chunk of limestone. Sheppard was inspired and began construction of a novelty he knew all passerbys would take notice of. He parlayed that one chunk of limestone into a masterpiece that draws in tourists from all over the world. He brought Stonehenge here to America and Texas nonetheless. Fabulous! Superb! Fantastic!

Great thinking man! Pure Genius!

Quite nifty to take a walk amongst the the stove carvings and construction of some many years past. Dates all the way back to The 80's ! 1989 that is. So you know it is a classic if it manifested from the 80's! Pink Haired Momma is a total fan and product of the 80's!

What a totally fabulous place to stop the RV and take a stroll!! Virtually only of course...for NOW!!

Pink Haired Momma approved!!

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