Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dream Travel: In an RV!!! Where would you go?

Dream Travel in an RV Team is off, rolling into the virtual sunset of America, riding along in our giant home on wheels. Pink Haired Momma is sitting passenger to the Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA chillaxin in her mobile crib. We virtually arrive in Oakland, California and make our way to 81st Street.

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought it would be a real yummy treat for my virtual Dream Travel in an RV team to embark on a journey that lands us amidst the wonderful world of white and pink frosted circus cookies. I am a new mommy and my life feels like a Circus a good majority of the time, so this certainly is fitting for this glorious day!!

I know you are imagining the delightful image of these fantastic cookies right now as you embrace the lush taste of remembrance in your thoughts and it begins to make your mouth water. But after all that illustrious imagery, can you recall the brand name of such a delicious novelty treat...

Of course!!

Here is a little background on Mother's Bakery:
Mother's was founded by a newspaper vendor in 1914 known as N.M Wheatley. Everyday Wheatley smelled the sweet aroma of homemade cookies waft by from the hands of an elderly couple as they passed his newspaper stand on their journey to sell their prized cookies. Finally one day he inquired about the cookies. Upon tasting these beloved sweets, N.M. Wheatley purchased the rights to the recipe.

The purchase of this wonderful recipe brought to the world of Mr. Wheatley nothing but sweetness. The development of his cookie company brought to him his future bride which in turn grew into his future son who would eventually grow up and take over this ingenious business. Totally fabulous outcome Mr. Wheatley. Smart move dude!!

You can imagine my shock and surprise as I researched the directions and history of our virtual visit, that I learned that Mother's has closed its doors for GOOD!!!! Gone, are those yummy little cookies and there is no more bakery for us to visit. I was utterly devastated. Some much so that I found this wonderful Memorial that I think everyone needs to purchase in order to honor the loss of such a phenomenon as the Pink and White frosted circus cookies. I even began writing a little letter to the President stating that we may need to have a day of remembrance for this beloved cookie.

However, as I continued to research more and more about this tragic loss, I found out that Kellogg's has purchased the trademarks of Mother's and is planning to reintroduce many of the favorite cookies from Mother's we all know and love. So although this week we do not have a specific destination to visit per say; we can most definitely visit the former location and origins of this masterpiece of sweet snack; and we can in the future visit the new production facility of this grand cookie.

I decided that despite not being able to virtually visit this location right now, that Mother's has a great place in our stomachs rather our hearts and deserves to be honored with a virtual visit from the Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA in the Dream Travel in an RV.

Rolling! Rolling! Rolling!


  1. I remember eating cookies like that when I was little. I doubt they were that exact brand though.

    Would you explain to me exactly what a mobile crib is? Is it just a crib that you travel with or what? I'm picturing something with straps or what-not so it works like a carseat? LOL. Can you travel in an RV with no carseat?

  2. Rikki!
    Children do have to be in a car seat in an RV. Each state is different in regards to what age and/or weight. It is just best i belive to have any child secured in by car seat or belt in any moving vehicle. We have actaully been researching this very topic recently in regards to RV's and Taxi's.

    The "mobile crib" is little DIVA's house on wheels...her "Crib","Pad", "Home on the go"...LOL!!!


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