Monday, May 18, 2009

Laughing at life

Everyone needs to laugh to keep the soul pure and happy. I am making it my mission to bring a little laughter into everyone lives one day at a time! I found that many people need a good belly laugh to start their week off. So every Monday I post a little something here to give the ole belly a good shake!

Mostly these little stories are from my adventures in the customer service industry. Every day I am shocked and rattled to the core by the audacity the general public has when they are speaking to the customer service representatives set in place to "assist and help" them. The anonymity presented when the caller has the telephone as a safeguard, allow such callers to lose the basic skills ingrained in the human known as common decency. And I, the Pink Haired Momma, relish each stupid moment, take note, laugh hysterically at the stupidity, and then share these beloved encounters with you!!!

This week I have a little story about a nice gentleman who wrung my line. He was very upset when he finally reached me. His cable just was not doing what he wanted. I begin asking him the usual probing questions that I ask when such a call is received by my ears; "Is your television turned on, Sir?", "Is the television plugged in". You know the simple questions used in relation to fun fest of screams I usually receive when a caller invokes the words “MY CABLE ISN'T WORKING!"

He assured me all these probing requests were checked and were NOT the problem. I then begin probing further. "Sir, what exactly is going on with your cable? Can you describe to me what you see on the television screen?"

The matured gentleman begins to get further into his frustration and begins shouting at me that the wrong channel is coming through. I then ask him "Well, Sir what channel is it that you are looking for. I amsure I can help you find whatever program and channel you are looking for." (quickly and unannounced in the background of this conversation I am diligently pulling up the channel line-up on my computer screen for his area so that I may look like a hero momentarily when he tells me what channel he needs and I can blurt it out to him instantly).

No Hero here! It turns out that no matter how bad I wanted to be his hero it just was not going to happen.
See what happens next...

Lots of angry frustrating screams bellow towards my direction. Some indecipherable mutters followed by "I am in room 505 and I want this channel changed".

"Oh, Sir, Where are you?" It was at that moment I realized my customer was at the hospital. I asked the gentleman if his nurse was around and could I please speak with her as she could help us get his television fixed. Oh Lordy this sent the mature gentleman into full out hysterics.
"I don't want that crazy woman coming in here to help me!! All she does is stick needles in me". "I JUST WANT MY CHANNEL CHANGED!"

Well this went on for a few minutes. I had to explain to the gentleman that I was unable to help him and that we really needed to get his nurse in the room to get him some assistance. After about 5 minutes he finally gave up, yelled at me some more, told me he hated me and my cable company and then hung up. Typical!

You can probably imagine at this point this Pink Haired Momma is trying to control the laughter that is about the explode from inside me. This poor gentleman is laid up in the hospital, can’t find his remote to change his TV channel, won't call the nurse but calls my employer, the cable help line! People really do make me laugh!



  1. Oh boy, sometimes you just have to laugh...people can be so interesting.
    Claudia at Claudia’s Irish Eyes

  2. People really do crack me up. You have to have a sense of humor about life or it will get the better of you!!


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